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Guest Post: What Does Digital Venue-Booking Mean for #EventProfs?

Guest post time! At Noodle Towers, we’ve had a few questions about digital venue-booking systems recently, so we thought we’d bring in the experts and give you a little break from our constant chatter about event apps (which are awesome by … Read More

Work With Noodle: Project & Events Executive

We’re an event technology company (sorry if you were expecting food)! We work mainly with mobile apps and RFID at a huge range of events and for a varied list of clients – big brands and companies but also much … Read More

App of the Month: Be My Eyes

Sometimes it feels that we’re not using technology to its full potential. Imagine if the human race had put the effort it put into Candy Crush Saga sequel, Candy Crush Soda into something more worthwhile to humanity instead. Perhaps there … Read More

Best of the Internet: April 2015

Now we’ve got our blog ship-shape and Bristol fashion we’re hoping to return to our quick monthly round-ups. This month here are five of our favourite bits of Internet nonsense from April. Enjoy 🙂   1. You Can’t Drink This … Read More

What Should I Take to an Exhibition?

After we exhibited at our first exhibition in February – International Confex 2015 – we realised that it would be fantastic to have had a helping hand from an experienced trade show pro with what to pack. Being the kind … Read More

Cake of the Month: Peek-a-boo Cakes by Joanna Farrow

This month, a tweet by our friend Annie Byrne featuring a special book of cakes inspired our Cake of the Month selection. The book in question is Joanna Farrow’s Peek-a-boo Cakes, where all manner of surprises await you.     … Read More

#DestinationConfex – Our first trade show

Last month we attended our first exhibition as an exhibitor rather than a supplier. On the 18 & 19 Feb we made the short journey over to Olympia for International Confex, to woo the world of events with our little … Read More

What are iBeacons? And how can they be used at events?

Put simply, iBeacons can tell when your phone is in close proximity and react by sending a message to it (or performing another pre-determined action). ‘iBeacon’ is actually Apple’s brand name for a new type of generic technology known as … Read More

Cash money

9 incredible things Apple’s latest profit could buy

Technology behemoth, Apple has posted the largest quarterly operating profit by any company ever – £11.8bn ($18bn). As well as making money from computers, music and apps, a record sales haul of 74.5 million iPhones was behind the surge in … Read More

Job Opportunity: Executive Assistant

We’re an event technology company (sorry if you were expecting food). We provide mobile apps and RFID, as well as outstanding customer service, to a huge range of events and for a varied list of clients – big brands and … Read More