New Year’s Eve Events for #EventProfs

Ready for a new year and a new start? Of course you are. If you’re lucky enough not to be working on December 31st this year then it’s time to party like it’s no longer 2016. Here’s our guide to … Read More

December Events for #EventProfs

Rocking around the Christmas tree isn’t just for everyone else! Us #EventProfs want to get in on the action too. Whether it’s networking, learning or just a good healthy dose of getting out and about you’re after, this December there’s … Read More

10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media For Events

Using social media for events #EventProfs? Of course you are! That’s like asking whether Trump uses fake tan. Unsurprisingly, as well as organising, marketing, designing and problem solving events, #EventProfs are now meant to be social media experts aswell. No … Read More

November Events for Event Professionals

Just because you’re the best #EventProf in town, doesn’t mean you don’t get to be the guest once in a while. This November there are loads of brilliant events for event professionals at all levels, from free skill building workshops … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Digital Magic

Everything’s gone digital these days. Even the humble old magician. Why pull a rabbit out of your hat when you can pull it out of your iPad? Well actually, why pull rabbits out of anything? We’ve never really got that. … Read More

October Events for Event Professionals

girls laying on a car bonnet

It’s not quite Christmas, it’s definitely not summer. So what is October? Make it your fun time with Noodle Live’s guide to great events for event professionals. Know a great event we’ve missed? Let us know @NoodleLive. EventPlannersTalk (October 3, 10, … Read More

How Do Event Attendees Find Events?

Book a great location: check! Stock the bar: check! Commission a mobile event app: check! Hire pirouetting flamencos: working on it! So we’re ready to go, right? Nope. No matter how great your event is, it just won’t be a … Read More

August Event Industry Events

Summer is all about sun, sea and sand. Or, alternatively it can be about being stuck in the office whilst being bombarded with other people’s holiday pics on social media. Yes, August can be a quiet month if you’re staying … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Twitter Walls

In need of a little event tech inspiration? A Twitter wall could add interactivity, boost your social presence and create sponsorship opportunities. Lots of valuable conversations happen on social media during your event, so a Twitter wall is a great … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Glisser

Adding a little ‘tech chic’ to your event? Great event tech isn’t a gimmick, it can transform your event and help you to improve the delegate experience, open up new revenue streams for sponsors and gather a huge amount of … Read More