April Events for Event Professionals

An event professional’s work is never done. Except when it is. And you get to go out and have some fun yourself for a change! Roundtable Events for Event Professionals Can we save ourselves from the coming recession? (April 14) … Read More

March Events for #EventProfs

Get your diaries out: it’s time for event professionals to let their hair down and get out and about. Team Noodle will be taking a break from creating apps for events and hitting the town to paint it a light … Read More

January & February Events for #EventProfs

It’s 2016 already. Don’t you dare tell me that event organisers don’t deserve to have their own calendar of amazing networking opportunities and meetups. What do we want? Events for eventprofs. When do we want it? As often as possible … Read More

December Event Industry Events

Put on your party pants because December is here, and why shouldn’t EventProfs get to enjoy it? The festive month is packed full with great events industry events, from interactive ski lodges to early morning raves. There are plenty of … Read More

November Event Industry Events

Event professionals unite – it’s time for you to start having some fun for once. Why shouldn’t there be such a thing as events for eventprofs? Well guess what, there is! Here’s our November guide to great social and networking … Read More

October Events for EventProfs

two cold beers clinking

Did you know there was such a thing as events for event professionals? Once you’ve finished getting your head around that concept, take a look at our guide to great networking and social events for EventProfs this October. Have we … Read More

#DestinationConfex – Our first trade show

Last month we attended our first exhibition as an exhibitor rather than a supplier. On the 18 & 19 Feb we made the short journey over to Olympia for International Confex, to woo the world of events with our little … Read More

What are iBeacons? And how can they be used at events?

Put simply, iBeacons can tell when your phone is in close proximity and react by sending a message to it (or performing another pre-determined action). ‘iBeacon’ is actually Apple’s brand name for a new type of generic technology known as … Read More

Increase Event App Adoption With Our Proven Strategy

Noodle Live Event App Help Point

We’ve been providing event apps and RFID systems for long enough now to have developed the best strategy for making sure as many people download and access your app. It’s the first step towards ensuring attendee engagement in your event, … Read More

Guest Blog: Producing An Impeccable Event Video

Producing impeccable video content at your events leaves a valuable resource to which interested professionals can return again and again. Alternatively, cutting corners in pre-production, recording and editing can undermine what even your best speaker has to say. If the … Read More