App of the Month – Infinite Jukebox

Noodle Live App of the Month - Infinite Jukebox

Summer is here and it’s time to put on some tunes. But you know when you love a song so much that you never want it to end? The Undertone’s Teenage Kicks is just over two minutes long for example, … Read More

App of the Month – Mellow

Mellow app and sous-vide machine - Noodle Live App of the Month

There are a growing number of items being connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ through RFID, NFC or WiFi and smart kitchen appliances may soon revolutionise home (or office!).   Imagine a machine that had your dinner ready for you … Read More

App of the Month – Rotten Wifi

If you have great wifi then the probability of us being your friend increases by 87%.   As an event technology company we need good wifi to do our job well and when we hear that a conference venue has … Read More

Your iPhone Knows EXACTLY Where You’ve Been – Check it out!

Apple iPhone Frequent locations

This week we stumbled upon a little-known feature on the iPhone called Frequent Locations, which lists all the places you’ve been since you got iOS7 and how long you spent there. It’s truly amazing, quite fun and a little bit … Read More

Cake of the Month: Pork Pie Wedding Cake

OK, OK, just to warn you we’re going to cheat a bit this month – but only a little bit. We regularly salivate and swoon over the latest incredibly beautiful or impossibly delicious cake here in our cake of the … Read More

App of the Month – Spritz

Spritz speed reading app

“I’d love to read more, I just don’t have the time” – Sound familiar? Imagine being able to read a full novel in only 90 minutes. Would you finish more books then? Of course you would! Well it might not … Read More

Cake of the Month: Great White Shark Attack Cake [video]

So last month we showed you the amazing Playable Angry Birds Cake that father, Mike Cooper had made for his son, Ben. Well, after the success of his airborne avian creation then the next year Mike turned his hand to the depths … Read More

10 Handshakes To Avoid At Events

Fist Bump - Handshakes to Avoid at Events

It was International Confex 2014 last week and if you were in attendance then the chances are that you will have shaken hands with a lot of people, as is best practice at conferences and events.   Shaking hands is … Read More

Best Of The Internet – 11 Childhood Photos Awesomely Recreated

This wonderfully simple idea – to recreate moments from the past, with the same people, many years later – is spreading across the world and some people have gone to fantastic lengths in order to get that winning photo. Notice … Read More

App of the Month – Hype

It’s Sunday, you’re bored, you don’t really know what to do. Can’t someone just make a suggestion? Urgh, can’t be bothered… We might have stumbled upon just the app for you this month – Hype.     Hype? What is … Read More