Cake of the Month: Playable Angry Birds [video]

It’s been a little while, but as you’ll know, we in the Noodle Live team are partial to a bit of cake. But we don’t just like tasty ones. We like pretty ones too. In fact, the more attractive, the … Read More

Best of the Internet – Which Animal is Best on a Trampoline?

Boxer Dog on a trampoline from Best Animals on trampolines

Occasionally the Internet rewards us with some uplifting moments. And what could be more uplifting than elastic rebound of a boxer dog on a trampoline?       Other animals have been tempted by these circular fun-pads too. Such as … Read More

App of the Month – musicMagpie

musicMagpie fapp front page

Weather wise, it’s been a pretty miserable year so far. With the amount of staying in we’ve done, we’ve realised that it’s time for a bit of clear out. SO, we’ve decided to get rid of some DVDS and we’ve … Read More

App Of The Month: Jifiti

Every so often, we stumble across an idea that just makes us go WOW! And our blog series ‘App Of The Month’ is the perfect place to share these discoveries with you.   This month, we’ve got a great little … Read More

App Of The Month: Look Away Player

So we’re writing this post with our tail slightly between our legs – we have a confession to make to you, our dear blog readers.       We had big dreams of bringing you a weekly dose of the … Read More

Cake Of The Week: Edition 4

We’re continuing our love of cake this week by introducing you to the wonderful world of Lego cakes – we really struggled to pick just one cake for this week so thought we’d share a few of our favourites with … Read More

App Of The Week: Beat Those Crowds

You know when something comes along and you think ‘why has no-one ever thought of that before’ – well, you’re about to have one of those moments.     The very literally named ‘Avoid The Shopping Crowds’ is a web … Read More

App Of The Week – Outbox

Given the success of our other (sillier) weekly blog series, Cake Of The Week, we’ve decided to introduce another one focused on another of our other great loves – apps. We stumble across so many great apps which can make … Read More

Cake Of The Week – Edition 3

Aside from our obvious passion for baked goods, we’re also partial to the odd game of Scrabble. I know, I know – Team Noodle are tragically geeky but we kinda like it that way.   So this week we’re combining … Read More

Cake Of The Week – Edition 2

More cake shaped goodness for you on the blog today and boy, have we hunted out a crazy one for you this week! Introducing…. the Hamburger Cake!     Now, the recipe comes from a website called Easy Cake Ideas … Read More