8 Ways Technology Changed Conferences Forever

Clipboards at events - Noodle Live blog

Here at Noodle Live we know more than most how technology has dramatically changed our lives over the last 10 years: but have you ever stopped to think specifically how? Do you remember what things used to be like? Or … Read More

App of the Month – Rotten Wifi

If you have great wifi then the probability of us being your friend increases by 87%.   As an event technology company we need good wifi to do our job well and when we hear that a conference venue has … Read More

Your iPhone Knows EXACTLY Where You’ve Been – Check it out!

Apple iPhone Frequent locations

This week we stumbled upon a little-known feature on the iPhone called Frequent Locations, which lists all the places you’ve been since you got iOS7 and how long you spent there. It’s truly amazing, quite fun and a little bit … Read More

Heartbleed Bug – Everything Events Professionals Need To Know

Heartbleed Bug for Events Professionals

Last week we posted a blog on easy ways to spring clean your digital life – including advice on changing your passwords. Well, no sooner had we hit publish and that bit became very important indeed!   The Heartbleed Bug … Read More

7 Quick Ways To Digitally Spring Clean Your Life

It’s spring, it’s sunny and it’s time for a top to bottom clearout. Spring cleaning is an old tradition based on the fact that Spring is one of the best times to open your windows and doors and get rid … Read More

App of the Month – Spritz

Spritz speed reading app

“I’d love to read more, I just don’t have the time” – Sound familiar? Imagine being able to read a full novel in only 90 minutes. Would you finish more books then? Of course you would! Well it might not … Read More

App of the Month – Hype

It’s Sunday, you’re bored, you don’t really know what to do. Can’t someone just make a suggestion? Urgh, can’t be bothered… We might have stumbled upon just the app for you this month – Hype.     Hype? What is … Read More

19 things Facebook could have bought for $19billion

Has Mark Zuckerberg lost the plot? We’re not quite sure. With the news that Facebook has acquired WhatsApp in a deal worth $19billion in cash and shares we decided to have a look at what else he might have bought … Read More

App of the Month – musicMagpie

musicMagpie fapp front page

Weather wise, it’s been a pretty miserable year so far. With the amount of staying in we’ve done, we’ve realised that it’s time for a bit of clear out. SO, we’ve decided to get rid of some DVDS and we’ve … Read More

What Does Google Glass Mean for Event Organisers?

Google Glass is a set of glasses that allows you to do everything you would normally do on your smartphone using voice instructions and a screen that appears right in front of your eyes as an extra layer on top … Read More