10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media For Events

Using social media for events #EventProfs? Of course you are! That’s like asking whether Trump uses fake tan. Unsurprisingly, as well as organising, marketing, designing and problem solving events, #EventProfs are now meant to be social media experts aswell. No … Read More

Tech Round-Up: October 2016

Boo! Did we scare you? Ha! We’re good at Halloween. October wasn’t just the month of spooky parties and questionable costume choices, there were some pretty cool tech innovations too! Missed them? No problem. Team Noodle are happy to take … Read More

10 Awesome Uses of RFID & NFC

Remember when we wrote a post called ‘8 awesome uses of RFID and NFC’? Ah, those crazy days of 2015. Well, over the last few months, we’ve seen more great examples of the technology being used in new and interesting ways, … Read More

Noodle Live’s Guide to a High Tech Halloween

We’re huge fans of Halloween at Noodle Live. Not only is it a great reason to put on silly costumes whilst we tinker with our latest event apps, we also love all the great geek toys and useless tech products that … Read More

Can I Have an Event App on My Budget?

Oh event apps – the stuff dreams are made of. They could help you to manage crowds at your event, offer improved networking opportunities for delegates, put an end to endless paper handouts and even help with live speaker Q&A … Read More

Event Technology Guide: September 2016

Hi September. Bye September. Where does time go? It’s probably hanging out on the roof of Soho house with the rest of the tech community. If you were too busy enjoying the unseasonably good weather to keep in touch with … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Digital Magic

Everything’s gone digital these days. Even the humble old magician. Why pull a rabbit out of your hat when you can pull it out of your iPad? Well actually, why pull rabbits out of anything? We’ve never really got that. … Read More

Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 10? Here’s What to Expect

iPhone asking you to upgrade? iOS 10 will be the biggest update to the Apple operating system so far. Team Noodle are feeling excited! We develop mobile apps for events that use iOS and we can see some great opportunities … Read More

The Apple Event: What Does it Mean for #EventProfs?

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Best of the Internet: August’s Best Tech News for #EventProfs

You can’t summarise everything that happens on the internet in one month, obvs, but Team Noodle are willing to give it a go. We spend most of our time helping #EventProfs create fantastic apps for events and conferences. We’re also … Read More