Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet July 2016

The heady days of summer! Sitting in the park, enjoying the long, lingering evenings, catching Pokemon, avoiding the urge to stay on the sofa watching Stranger Things (again) and creating holograms of yourself to keep in the living room. The life … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Twitter Walls

In need of a little event tech inspiration? A Twitter wall could add interactivity, boost your social presence and create sponsorship opportunities. Lots of valuable conversations happen on social media during your event, so a Twitter wall is a great … Read More

What To Call Your Event Wi-Fi? Funny Wi-Fi Names To Entertain Guests

Mobile app for conference? Absolutely! RFID swipe points? You got it! What to call your Wi-fi to make it clear to delegates which network to connect to? We have some suggestions… In an effort to send subtle (or not so … Read More

Event Technology Guide: 10 Best Uses of Virtual Reality for Events

Last month, we featured virtual reality as one of our top event technology trends for 2016 (yeah, we know – no secrets there, but we couldn’t ignore it). This month, we’ve been looking at the ways the tech is being … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Glisser

Adding a little ‘tech chic’ to your event? Great event tech isn’t a gimmick, it can transform your event and help you to improve the delegate experience, open up new revenue streams for sponsors and gather a huge amount of … Read More

The Business Case for A Mobile Event App

Think event tech is a luxurious expense? Think again. There’s actually a great business case for allocating budget towards a strong event app strategy. Noodle Live specialises in helping #EventProfs to navigate the tech jungle and create a versatile mobile … Read More

Your Guide to Apple WWDC Developer Conference

The 27th annual Apple WWDC Developer Conference will be held in San Francisco from June 13-17. The conference is a huge date for #EventProfs calendar when it comes to event technology news and is also a haven for anyone interested … Read More

Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet May 2016

The world of tech moves quickly. This time last month we had no idea that we’d be able to take a spin class whilst commuting to work, that there was such a thing as a ‘new form of light’ or … Read More

Event Technology of the Month: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the biggest buzz words in event technology for 2016 and it’s already hitting the mainstream. A range of different developers have been working on creating headsets and the race is on to see who will … Read More

The Great Wi-fi Venue Checklist for Events

Wi-fi worries. We’ve all had them. You’ve spent your time and money setting up a great event app, creating social hashtags and working out ways for people to connect and network digitally, so why let a dodgy connection scupper your … Read More