Top 10 Unusual Event Venues

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Sometimes, a great space or a central location just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you want to hold your next event somewhere totally unique and jaw dropping. Luckily, there are plenty of options for unusual event venues, so we took a break from creating bespoke event apps to share some of our favourites.

1. The Treehouse Venue, Scotland

This beautiful 5-star treehouse venue is perfect for intimate gatherings or weddings and offers private dining with a view over Loch Goil. The accompanying lodge house is also beautifully kept and has a cosy whisky bar, log fires and a stunning conservatory.


2. No Man’s Fort Venue, Near Isle of Wight

Take a boat or helicopter to reach this old Solent Fort. It has four floors that include a private nightclub, a sun deck, hot tubs and saunas and an intimate hot house complete with BBQ. There are plenty of options for dining and drinking and the fort will also help you to arrange transport to and from the venue. You might need the help of Noodle Live event apps to help people navigate around the huge space.

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3. The Underground Lake Venue, Cornwall

Host an intimate event for up to 40 people next to a subterranean lake with crystal clear blue waters or use the larger chamber for a bigger gathering. Most hosts choose to light up the space with candles, making it a perfect romantic setting for concerts, weddings or private dinners.


4. Dinner in the Sky, Various

Bring a unique concept to your event with Dinner in the Sky, a dining table that seats up to 22 guests using cranes and ropes to suspend diners high above the ground. Watch you don’t drop any cutlery.



5. Doughnut Shop, Portland USA

The Voodoo Doughnut shop in Portland, Oregon is a doughnut shop and licensed wedding chapel. They began offering wedding and event services a few years ago, and the response to the unusual event venue was overwhelming. Enjoy a doughnut wedding cake, an official ceremony and a round of coffee for up to 40 guests.


6. Aegean Island Villa, Greece

One of the most beautiful listings on Airbnb and a great venue for an event. This villa on the island of Styra sleeps up to 16 people and has a remote feel but is easy to get to from Athens. The venue features a huge terrace with views over the Aegean sea as well as a stone BBQ and traditional oven for making Greek bread. There is also a sea water swimming pool.


7. Disused Station, Staffordshire

Close to the village of Alton, this disused train station has been turned into a beautiful home that makes a perfect summer venue. You can walk the disused tracks in either direction or simply enjoy soaking up some sun on the old platforms.


8. Jeff’s Cellar, Malaysia

This Paleozoic limestone cave is part of a luxurious hotel complex and comes complete with cascading water and beautiful rock features. Be warned, there is very little reception down in the cave, a common problem at unusual venues (which is why we create event apps that can work offline if signal is lost).


9. Big Cat Rescue, California, USA

The Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary is located on 93 acres of rolling land and they can host events for small or large groups. Enjoy the picturesque scenery and get up close and personal with some stunning wildlife. It’s all for a good cause too.


10. The Dog House, Idaho USA

The world’s biggest beagle is also a unique hotel and venue. Only in the USA!


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