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App of the Month: Granary Squirt

Apps allow you to take control of many things in your life. At Noodle Live we specialise in making apps for event venues and conferences that help people to engage with their surroundings and gather vital information in seconds. As … Read More

Can Mobile Event Apps Make Life Easier?

Well, this is exciting. We’re on the telly-box. Our very own Clemi Hardie, ‘Head of Pencils’ at Noodle Live features in the latest video from Events Unvovered TV talking about mobile event apps and how they can make your event … Read More

Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet November 2015

Mobile event apps…exhibitor lead capture…RFID…ooo, look, the Pope rapping. Once in while, we get distracted from our work by this thing called the internet. All the kids are into it. It’s basically an invisible inter-web of people who have nothing … Read More

Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet October 2015

Oh internet, you’re not like anyone we’ve ever met before. Fancy a Netflix and chill? This October, Team Noodle had another busy month designing mobile event apps and launching our exhibitor lead capture device, but we still found time for … Read More

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Top 10 Apple Watch Apps for Events Professionals

The Apple Watch is set for an update! Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the changes at the recent, much-hyped Apple launch event. The upgraded watch will be known as Watch0S 2 and it comes with the promise of a whole … Read More

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Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet September 2015

Why did the pig cross the road? To avoid David Cameron. In the digital world, this was a month with plenty of LOLs and even a couple of mini ROFLs. A lot of strange things happened, so we took a … Read More