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Data Gathering? Here’s How to Get Your Delegates On-board

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Deck the Halls With Loads of Tech Stuff… Fa,la,la,la,la, RFID!

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10 Cool Things We’ve Done with RFID for Events

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10 Things You Never Knew About RFID

Think you know RFID? Or maybe you think you don’t know RFID at all. That would be fair enough (it’s pretty techy and geeky). RFID = radio frequency identification. The tiny tech that powers your Oyster card, tracks runners times … Read More

What is RFID? And why should I use it for our event?

What is RFID? RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and involves the wireless transfer of information using small micro-chips and an antenna. The chip part acts as an identifier so that when it’s scanned, the unique information associated with it can … Read More