Wave Goodbye
To Barcode
Badge Scanners!

How does badge scanning using RFID work?

Our badges and wristbands contain a nifty RFID chip which can be used by our contactless badge scanners – much quicker than QR codes or barcodes for event tracking software! It’s super simple to set up our badge scanning system by linking a badge or wristband to each attendee on arrival. Simply follow these steps:

Upload attendee list

Link badge or wristband on arrival

Tap badge at touch points

View real time reporting

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What else can your touch points do?

Our badge scanners make delegate tracking a complete breeze but as well as offering top notch data capture opportunities, our scanners can also add to the event experience too! Here’s how they make the most of the scanner screen:

Event Check In

Track event attendance effortlessly with personalised greetings and real time data

Session Check In

Collect valuable data by tracking session attendance and manage individual room capacity

Access Control

Control entry to pre-booked sessions or VIP areas by displaying access level

Content Collect

Instantly share content which is instantly delivered to your attendees inbox

Lead Capture

Make it easy to capture contacts with the option to add notes, assign priority or send documents to prospects

Personalised Info

Create a personalised event experience by displaying personalised details on screen


Tap to enter competitions with the result instantly displayed on the screen


Remove the need for cloakroom tickets by simply tapping badge to check in coats & bags

Table Numbers

Streamline arrivals by displaying real time table numbers and never print a table plan again

Feedback Collection

Gather feedback with our on-screen surveys for an instant temperature test

Not convinced this is better than barcodes?

Our badge scanning system knocks the socks of QR and barcodes but why not see for yourself by booking a demo today

Full control with our scanning dashboard

Manage your attendee list

Upload your attendee list in Excel format with as many custom fields as you need to create a super juicy data set

Set up your scanners

Our team will do your initial scanner setup, as per your badge scanning requirements but you’ll be able to make changes to the look and function of each and every scanner!

View real time analytics

See all of your event activity in real time using our data dashboard, so you can see exactly what’s going on in any area of your event at any time

Book a demo today with our badge scanning experts

Simply fill out the form below and one of our event tech experts will be in touch to discuss the requirements for your event

What's the process for setting up your badge scanning system?

We have a tried and tested process for working with badge scanning systems and other event tracking software – developed from the ground up by a team who have vast experience delivering this technology.

Pre Event

Project Timeline – we’ll kick off the project with a detailed project plan which details every task involved from both sides to ensure the smooth delivery of your requirements

Badge & Lanyard Design – we’ll provide you all the templates you need to design your badges and lanyards then our team will get everything into production

Venue Site Visit – a chance to really get to grips with all the details of your event working with you to identify registration flow, attendee movements and touch point positioning

Network Check – running through our tried and tested network checklist with your venue of choice is essential so we can provide the right advice on the best network setup – if needed, we can always run our system offline

Touch Point Content – we’ll provide you with suggestions and templates for the screen graphics for our touch points and a checklist of any other content required

Equipment Setup – our team will setup all your registration and touch point equipment as per your specification ready to bring onto site for your event with spares at the ready

Attendee Data – we upload your attendee data in CSV format keeping the same data structure and we don’t need to upload this until the night before your event with the option to add new attendees on the day as needed

On Site

Dedicated On Site Team – we will provide a dedicated on site team based on your requirements who have extensive experience delivering event technology to work with your own team to ensure a smooth delivery

Registration Setup – our team will setup your badging stations to issue smart badges to your attendees on arrival and provide training to registration hostesses as needed.

Touch Point Setup – our technicians will setup all your touch points as per your specifications so they are ready for use at your event in the right stands and desired locations

Post Event

Event Reporting – you will have access to real time reporting via our dashboard but after the event we will provide you with a written summary report and detailed reports for each touch point in Excel format

Exhibitor Data Distribution – if you are providing data to your exhibitors or sponsors, we will send this out for you by 12pm the following day and manage any support requests

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"Fusce mauris tellus, faucibus vulputate pellentesque et, rhoncus in nibh. Praesent euismod hendrerit gravida. Quisque pulvinar."
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"Fusce mauris tellus, faucibus vulputate pellentesque et, rhoncus in nibh. Praesent euismod hendrerit gravida. Quisque pulvinar."
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