We're an event technology company

(sorry if you were expecting food)

So what exactly do you do?

We offer event technology solutions & consultancy - utilising what we believe are the best tools for the job from the Noodle Live box of event tech tricks. We wear many different hats on a daily basis - after all, the needs of one event aren’t likely to be the same as another.

For now we mainly work with mobile apps & RFID smart badges as that’s what we believe is the best solution for right now, but as the future changes, so will we - watch this space.

Some of our clients

  • We work with mobile apps & RFID smartbadges at conferences, exhibitions & live events
  • We advise you on the best solution for your event, using some or all of our tech
  • We give you all the training and materials you need to successfully deploy & promote your event
  • We offer the right support - from pre-event pointers, to on-site teams
  • We make sense of all the data and present it in a format that works for you
  • We work with you to look for ways to generate revenue from using our tech
  • We work with you how you want to work - from a close partnership or a simple supplier relationship

We just do things differently

Bob Noodle
  • Unique blend of tech, events & marketing experience
  • We genuinely love event tech & talking about it
  • We really like a challenge
  • We always bring tea & biscuits

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