So how does it all work?

It’s quite simple really – your visitors can swipe their badge at readers around your event to collect valuable resources, send social media updates and follow social media accounts. Everything is neatly stored away in their account ready to access via our market leading app where you’ll find all the features you’d expect from an event app and more.

It’s like the Oyster Card for events but a bit more exciting than your average journey on the tube.

All this adds up to a great visitor experience but we’ve got a stack of features for event organisers and exhibitors too – everyone’s invited to the Noodle Live party.

Event apps are becoming the standard for most events but Noodle Live takes this one step further by adding the power of RFID into the mix.

It’s time to take your event to the next level – welcome to the future of events, as imagined by Noodle Live.

Key Features

  1. Collect Event Resources
  2. Store Everything In The Cloud
  3. Share Them With Your Contacts
  4. Build Your Own Personal Profile
  5. See Who Else Is Attending
  6. Grow Your Network
  7. Search & Save Speaker Sessions
  8. Find The Best Stands
  9. Access Key Event Information
  10. Slick Social Media Integration
  11. Shine The Light On Your Sponsors

See it in Action

So, how could you benefit?

Event Apps For Visitors
  • Collect contact info, exhibitor literature, speaker presentations and oh so much more from readers situated around the venue with the swipe of your Noodle Live card
  • Store your swag in your personal cloud using the Noodle Live app, neatly categorised, fully searchable and ready for you to review.
  • Share your newly gleaned knowledge with your contacts and colleagues via social media and email.
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Event Apps for Event Organisers
  • By making it so easy for your visitors to collect, store and share with their online networks, soon everyone will be talking about your event. Huge marketing points right there.
  • See which bits of your event were the most popular, collect valuable data about your visitors and grow your social networks. Wield this data like the marketing ninja you surely are.
  • Take advantage of the wealth of sponsorship opportunities available within Noodle Live and shine the light on the people who make your event happen.
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Event Apps For Exhibitors
  • Everyone loves a giver so why not add a reader to your stand? Get that incredible whitepaper, product demo or discount voucher into the hands of event attendees with the swipe of a card.
  • Build a Noodle Live profile so that everyone attending the event knows you’re there. They’ll be able to access all your contact details, find out where you are at the event and connect with you instantly via social media channels
  • Find out who stopped by your booth and then use Noodle Live to connect with them again. With detailed attendee info and our segmented email campaigns, we’ll help you nurture leads like a boss. Bye bye missed opportunities, hello Noodle Live.
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  • Don’t just get seen. Get seen lotsallthetimeeverywhere. Your logo lives on our app, card reader and on delegate cards for a fully integrated experience that boosts brand recognition.
  • Add a reader to your stand or booth and you can share, well, pretty much anything you can think of. Contact information is a great place to start but the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can give away to get remembered.
  • Just like exhibitors, you don’t just get to give out the goodies. You’ll also access detailed stats about the event. Metrics matter, and with Noodle Live evaluating your experience and ROI is super simple.
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Event Apps For Speakers
  • Get readers set up so that your fans can pick up your slides on their way out – that way they can review your session when they got home so that what you had to say really sinks in
  • Noodle Live is built to give speakers maximum profile. From full schedules to speaker bios and presentation sharing, you increase your chances of being found and remembered by approximately a gazillion percent.
  • Emphasise your key messages by giving away extra plunder that you can add to your profile. First chapter of your new eBook, you say? Yes please!
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Cor blimey, this all sounds smashing!

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