8 Alternative Ideas for Conference and Exhibition Name Badges

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Ah, the humble old name badge for events! Super practical, super functional and super boring. Right?

Why not offer your delegates something a little more unique when it comes to their conference and exhibition name badge? It’s time to wave goodbye to paper badges and being branded by barcodes. Hooray!

Need some creative inspiration? When it comes to creative ideas for conference and exhibition name badges, several radical pioneers, urban heroes and all around creative whizz kids have paved the path before you. Check out these alternative ideas for event name badges:

Wooden Name Badges

Pretty sure you won’t need to change anyone’s details or add new name badges at the last minute? Why not think about creating wooden name badges for your delegates? They look beautiful and your guests may end up holding on to them as souvenirs of their time at the event. For a recent environmental event, the organisers created sustainable name badges using bamboo wood and bamboo fabric for the lanyard.

Caricature Name Badges

Have access to images of your delegates before they arrive? Hosting a company event for your employees and want to engage in some friendly mockery? For an event for the American Society of Association Executives the organisers created custom caricatures of each delegate.

It’s a Design Thing

For an architecture and design conference, organisers went high end with a complex thread design that looked beautiful, but was perhaps a little less practical when it came to being able to understand and read the names on your conference and exhibition name badges.

RFID Name Badges

Not just looking to make your name badges look cool, but also interested in making them do more too? Check out RFID name badges. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and an RFID chip is a tiny computer chip that can be used to store information electronically. At Noodle Live, we specialise in adding tiny RFID chips to your conference and exhibition name badges, so that they can be used to ‘tap to activate’.

This means that not only will your delegates receive a name badge, they can also use that same badge to interact with the event environment. RFID name badges can be used to register, check your coat, check in for sessions, swap contact details with exhibitors, access personalised information points, request documents and sign up for workshops.

Hey Presto – Choose Your Own design

In the UK, the man who embedded his Oyster card RFID chip into a magic wand has become a true urban legend. An Oyster card functions in a very similar way to an RFID name badge in that the card is powered by a small RFID computer chip, hidden in the plastic of the card itself.

Legend has it that one London transport user figured out a method for removing the chip and embedding it into a magic wand. Hey Presto, he can access all London transport simply be waving his wand at the touch points. It was also claimed that a jewellery designer from London College of Fashion embedded her RFID Oyster card chip into a set of false nails, so she simply had to tap her nails on the reader to activate. Be warned though, TFL advise that removing the RFID chip from an Oyster card is actually against regulations and you could be fined as a result (kill joys!)

Why not get creative with your event name badges instead? Surprise your guests by steering clear of the traditional square name badge. Get creative! If you’re launching a new product, embed the chip and write their name onto a cut-out of the product. Or, if you’re running a foodie event, why not create name badges that also work as forks? The only limit is your imagination.


Not sure about tagging everyone with a name badge around their neck? Why not take a look at creating wristbands for delegates instead? We’ve created several RFID-enabled wristbands over the years, and you can also add smart LED technology to allow the wristbands to light up at specific moments or interact with sensors. It can have a magical effect on an event environment. Check out these light up wristbands in action at a Coldplay concert in 2016:

Scrabble Letters

On a budget but still want to be creative? How about opting for some simple scrabble letters to create name badge necklaces for your guests? Keep some spare letters available to create last-minute additions too.

Notepad Name Badge

You can rely on a Tedx event to get creative with name badging. At this event, the name badges were also small notepads that could be used during the day.

Want more information on creative and functional RFID name badges for conferences and events? Team Noodle are always happy to have a good chat and a nice cup of tea, so feel free to get in touch and find out more!