Data Gathering? Here’s How to Get Your Delegates On-board

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Keen to collect data? Dreaming of data touch points?

If you want to compete with other marketing channels, measure the success of your event and demonstrate ROI, gathering data can be an essential part of any live event, but how do you make sure that all of that data collection doesn’t interfere with the delegate experience and become a nuisance for your guests?

What data can I gather?

Great event tech can help you to gather data about attendee numbers, leads generated, engagement, satisfaction levels, footfall and heatmaps, networking, length of stay, session attendance and even return on investment.

At Noodle Live, we’ve been gathering live data at events for over 5 years using our RFID name badges and event apps. We’ve delivered more than 500 live events around the world and gathered over 200 terrabytes of data. So what’s the key to success when it comes to incentivising delegates to interact with data touch points?

That’s where the concept of data currency comes in.

What is data currency?

Have you ever considered that every time you log in to social media or upload a post you are providing them with really valuable data? Facebook and Instagram make money by using the data you give you them when you use their service – yet millions of people around the world are more than happy to sign up and use the service. Why? Because it’s a two-way street. Instagram and Facebook monetise the information we give them and we get a great free service. Everyone wins.

The same is true of supermarket loyalty cards, search engines and free wifi in coffee shops. How many times have you handed over your contact details in return for a couple of hours online? Ever used DropBox and received extra storage in return for sharing a social media post about their services? That’s data currency in action! You’re data is valuable, so companies offer you great incentives and rewards to hand it over.

The key to this concept is that every time you’re asked to supply data, it’s mutually beneficial. There’s nothing more annoying than being asked to supply data but not being offered anything in return – like filling out long surveys or being asked to supply contact details when you’re not getting an incentive.

The same is true for your event. Make sure you’re offering your delegates something really useful every time you ask them for their data. Your delegates should want to interact with your data touch points rather than being forced to do so. If you follow this rule, you’ll find that the number of interactions increase and delegate satisfaction is maintained – or even improved.

What can I offer in return for event data?

There are loads of great incentives to offer your delegates: session notes, contact details for speakers, follow up details, special offers, great content about relevant topics, further information about exhibitors that interest them etc.

Say you want to run a pre-event survey. You could gather really useful information about what delegates are expecting on the day and who will be attending. Opt for an event app and in return, you can help delegates to find information about the event quickly and efficiently.

Want to keep track of who’s attending your event and how long they are staying? An event app or RFID system could help you gain real-time data about who has arrived, who is still expected and how long people are staying. In return, delegates get faster registration times, a digital program to help them navigate the event and even personalised welcome messages to tell them where they need to be or suggest sessions they might enjoy.

Need information about how successful your sessions were? RFID badges or barcode scanners can help you manage crowds and gather data about the most popular sessions and who attended. In return, delegates can get instant session notes directly to their inbox or find more information about the speakers.

How do I get started?

A good event tech provider can help you to look at the specific needs for your event and think about the data you need to help you fulfil your goals and targets. Once you’ve decided what data you need to gather, you can look at the touch points you will need to gather this data and work with your tech provider to ensure that each one is offering a great incentive to your delegates.

Interested in learning more about data gathering via apps and RFID name badges for events? Believe it or not, that’s one of Team Noodle’s favourite topics (yep, we do enjoy re-runs of Star Trek on a Saturday afternoon – why are you asking?) Give us a call at Noodle Towers or drop by for a quick chat and a cup of tea to find out more.