How Can Event Tech Boost Your Business?


As a leading event app provider, Noodle understands that the term ‘event technology’ can sound a little scary. To make things worse, there’s a whole lot of jargon that goes with the territory. But it’s not brain surgery. We can help you to think through your options and come up with the best solution for your needs. Once you get your head around it, event technology can take your live events to the next level and give your business a great boost.

In fact, if you’re hosting an event or conference, getting the right technology in place can help you to generate insights into your audience and streamline the experience for your visitors and delegates. A massive 91% of event planners say that using a mobile event app had a positive impact on their ROI.

What event tech should I use?

Each event will be unique. At Noodle, we start by helping event planners to identify their goals and aims for the event as a whole. We then translate that into a list of data and reports that they can gather and, finally, we put together a technology package that will help them to achieve that. Event technology should mobilise your strategy rather than creating it, so the key is finding event tech that fits your needs and solves problems for you.

At Noodle we most commonly work with RFID and we are also a leading event app provider. In our experience, a marriage of the two technologies can provide the solution to almost every data collection need. Adoption of event technology increases by 35% when an event app is provided, so it’s a complimentary combination for complete collection of data (we’re a bit proud of our alliteration there).

Event app provider Noodle Live explains benefits of event tech

Feed your data desires

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have regular dreams of swimming in endless pools of yummy, yummy data about all of your customers and clients. Just us? Ok, forget we said anything.

Data-diving fantasies aside, gathering information about your audience members is a key goal for any modern business. If you gather the right data you can gain invaluable insight into the needs, frustrations and goals of your key customers, putting you streets ahead of your competitors and eliminating the need for precarious guess work in your future business strategies.

Events are a great opportunity to gather data, try out new ideas, understand your customers better and measure audience satisfaction.

Using RFID technology it’s possible to map many of the face-to-face and physical data touch points that take place at an event. With a little know-how you can create an event environment which will be enjoyable and interactive for your visitors and which will provide you with invaluable data. Shall we get our swimsuits ready?

Find out more about your audience

Live events are a golden opportunity to find out more about your audience. Typical opportunities for gathering data include event registration, on site registration, digital interactions, on site interactions and post-event interactions including feedback and follow up.

People generally don’t respond well to being tracked, so we make the data touch points enticing by always offering something in return. At Noodle, we see this as being all about connecting the data strategy to the needs and expectations of the visitors or delegates. No one likes to feel that they are being asked to give all the time without being offered anything in return. In order to make the event a positive experience it should always be a 2-way exchange. We can offer session notes, further reading, contact details or even special offers in return for every check-in.

Based on your objectives, we create data touch points throughout the event. We can also help you to gather post-event feedback as your delegates leave the event, when it’s fresh in their mind. This has a much higher uptake and gives you real time access to the data so that you can make changes instantly and improve the visitor experience. If you want your event to be more interactive we can help you to instigate live polling and feedback opportunities, and we can pull all of the data you are gathering together into live data dashboards so that you can monitor everything quickly, efficiently and in real time.

Event check-in illustration by Noodle Live

Streamline the guest experience

 Streamline the experience of attending your event from beginning to end. Event tech can help you to provide everything from faster registration to an instant ability to swap contact details or pick up session notes.

With RFID badges at event check-in visitors experience a quick and easy arrival process with personalised greetings or an instant welcome pack, while you are able to gather real time data on event attendance and entrance numbers. Cloakroom’s can also run using RFID, making the process quicker and removing the hassle of guarding a pesky coat ticket all day long.

Monitoring session attendance using RFID check-in systems allows you to gather data around the most popular events. To encourage delegates to use the check-in system we offer to email them content from the sessions instantly so that they can access it any time without being swamped with paper. As a bespoke event app provider, we can also marry the data touch point to your personalised app, allowing delegates to take and store notes about the session. Information points can also be established, helping people to gain information about where they are meant to be and when.

asking questions illustration by event app provider Noodle Live

 Help people to connect

Event technology helps people to connect and network better, making their experience of the event more positive. Depending on the options you choose for your event tech, exhibitors, guests and employees from your business can all use event tech to find out who someone is, what they do and how to connect with them in future.

At Noodle Live we offer RFID name badges and branded apps for events that allow people to connect, collect content and find personalised information instantly. At the Meet the Future conference in Central Hall, Westminster, delegates were able to request an automatic email about each exhibitor and the services they offered. In return, the exhibitor received their contact details, allowing them to stay in touch and follow up.

So, what’s next?

Interested in finding out more about event tech but not sure where to start? Why not arrange one of our totally free event tech clinics. We’re all friendly people (probably best to catch us after breakfast) and we’d be happy to talk you through your options and explain more about everything from RFID to live polling and registration as well as how we work as an event app provider to create bespoke, branded apps for events. It’s completely free and we promise that we won’t try to sell you anything either. We’d love to hear more about your business and what you’re up to.

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