#EventProfs Chat: Top Event Industry Headlines (May 2017)

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Trying to keep up with all the interesting news and trends on the #EventProfs hashtag on Twitter? The struggle is real. On an average day, the #EventProfs hashtag appears on Twitter more than 100 times. How on earth is a busy event organiser meant to keep up?

Don’t worry – that’s where we come in. We’re massive Geeks (we create mobile event apps for a living), so there are three things we really love doing: staring at screens, analysing data and watching robot wars. The last one’s not strictly necessary, but we like talking about it.

Anyway, we’ve analysed the most shared updates from the last 30 days and organised them into a handy list for you. That should make life easier!

  1. I’ve Planned the Met Gala for The Last 8 Years. Here’s What I’ve Learned. (2,300 shares)

In summary: Coming in at the top spot in May, Sylvana Durrett from Vogue gave her advice from years of experience planning one of the most prestigious events in the fashion calendar. Durrett revealed that planning begins almost a year in advance and takes more than 100 planners to pull off. She revealed that Anna Wintour personally mentored her during her time with the magazine and showed her how to delegate and focus on the important tasks. She claims to avoid feelings of overwhelm by learning to assign tasks to the people who can best manage them. She stresses the importance of assembling a team who will not disappoint you.

  1. 7 Email Hacks to Use When You Need To Get a Response (1,400 shares)

In summary: The #EventProfs dilemma – you need a response to an important email, but you’re getting the silent treatment. In this article from inc.com, John Hall, Founder of Influence & Co. shares some tips for getting people’s attention. He suggests getting rid of all email templates, putting more focus on the subject line and never using phrases such as ‘just following up’. He also stresses the importance of showing your personality in your emails in order to connect with your recipients on a human level.

  1. Want to be More Creative? Do Something Mindless (1,100 shares)

In summary: The second top 3 appearance from inco.com came from their in-house team, who advised #EventProfs to spend more time in mindless activities like wandering the halls of the building in order to get struck by the creativity angels. Journalist Geoffrey James looked at companies who try to extract creativity from their employees through the traditional wisdom of brainstorms, collaboration and open plan offices. He claimed that all of these techniques are flawed and that a recent studies have found that allowing employees time to let their brans wander is the best way to improve creativity. He argues that in fast-pace modern workplaces, creativity wasn’t being given the best environment to flourish.

  1. The Top 40 Event Designers 2017 (636 shares)

In summary: BizBash list the top 40 designers who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to the look and feel of an event. Their top 3 are: Jeffry Roick (McNabb Roick), David Stark (David Stark Design and Production) and Bronson can Wyck (Workshop and Van Wyck & Van Wyck).

  1. 15 Questions You Should Never Ask Event Planners (437 shares)

In summary: Event Manager Blog took a look at the top questions event organisers can’t stand, from ‘How do I get paid to attend parties?’ to ‘I have a cousin who throws a heck of a party every July 4th, do you want to hire her?’ 

  1. Why Budweiser Gave 10,000 High-Tech Cups to Hockey Fans (403 shares)

In summary: BizBash examine Budweiser’s experiential marketing campaign. The beer company gave special beer glasses to hockey fans at the Verizon Centre in Washington D.C. Every time their team scored, the cups lit up to match the cheers of the crowd, lighting up the arena. Budweiser used 25 RFID transmitters to ensure all of the cups lit up at the same time.

  1. 12 Ways to Add Fun to Serious Events (363 shares)

In summary: Event Manager Blog looked at ways to lighten up your serious events. They argued that delegates will enjoy fun events more and suggested a variety of techniques to lighten the mood including mixologists, themed décor, mingling entertainers and signature drinks.

  1. The 10 Social Media Campaigns Event Pros Should Run This Year (335 shares)

In summary: Event Manager Blog made it into our top 8 on a third occasion with their look at social media strategies to engage your event audience. They suggested celebrating members of your team with personal Birthday messages or congratulations, written case studies or video examples of your work, educational blog posts, social media updates that talk about the things that inspire you and connecting with trusted charities.

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