Programme Wars: Printed vs Digital


Print has been having a hard time recently – almost everything we used to consume in print now has a digital version. And event programmes are no different.



So why make the jump to a digital version of your programme? Well here’s a few advantages to keeping everything digital:


– You can fit so much more in as there’s no nasty space constraints so you can include a much wider variety of content


– Everything that’s digital can be easily shared via social media and email so you can make sure your messages are being spread far and wide


– You can wave goodbye to print deadlines and out of date content – the beauty of digital is that it can be updated in real time so your visitors will have access to the up to date version


– Keep your attendees coming back for more by adding content during the course of your event so that your programme gets looked at more than once


– Let’s face it – printing is expensive and your bottom line matters. So it makes sense to save some pennies by keeping everything digital


– And finally, will someone please think of the trees? You win big green bonus points for cutting down on your printed materials.


Noodle Live not only gives your visitors a simple way to collect, store and share information using their swipe cards, it also acts as a digital version of your event programme.


So how do the features of Noodle Live stack up when compared to the traditional printed programme?

So is that it for printed programmes? Well don’t go into mourning just yet as it’s unlikely that printed programmes will ever completely disappear. However, they are likely to become a lot more lightweight and their focus will change.


Your printed literature is a great opportunity to integrate your online and offline activity – here are a few ideas to get you going:


– Signpost to additional content included the digital version of your programme


– Remind visitors to download and access your digital content


– Encourage visitors to access your social media streams


So, now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on the great print vs digital debate? Even better if you can share your own personal experiences – why not leave us a comment below?

This post was written by Clemi Hardie, founder and MD of Noodle Live

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