16 Things #EventProfs Say and What They Really Mean


#EventProfs. They have a language all of their own. Force Majeure Clause. Blackout dates. Attrition rate. Sorry, whaaattt?

Don’t worry, at Noodle Live we’re not just event app developers with a pretty face. We’re also pretty bloomin’ savvy when it comes to interpreting the jargon, cutting through the bombast (see, we said we were good with words) and getting straight to the point.

Want to know what’s really being said? We’ve created a handy translation tool to help you interpret the most common #EventProf-isms.

1. What you heard: Was that on the original brief?
What’s really being said: I know full well that it wasn’t on the original brief but I don’t want to be too blunt so I’m asking you to come to that realisation yourself.

2. What you heard: I hear what you’re saying, and…
What’s really being said: I can hear the words that are coming out of your mouth completely and I utterly disagree with all of them

3. What you heard: That’s a brave colour scheme
What’s really being said: The colours you’ve chosen are hideous

4. What you heard: I just need to grab a drink
What’s really being said: I’m about to drink 4 double espressos back to back. And then 4 more.

5. What you heard: I have a couple of hesitations about the venue…
What’s really being said: We’re not using that venue

6. What you heard: Can we circle back to this later?
What’s really being said: Let’s never talk about this again

7. What you heard: I’m going to have to run that past my committee
What’s really being said: I’m going to let you wait for an answer while I try to get a better deal

8. What you heard: That’s comp’d, right?
What’s really being said: I know it’s not free but I am going to act like I expect it to be in the hope you will give it to me

9. What you heard: Good morning, did you sleep well?
What’s really being said: Because it’s 9am and I’ve been up for 3 hours already and I’m wondering where you’ve been

10. What you heard: It’s a tricky RFP
What’s really being said: The client is whack

11. What you heard: We’re thinking on our feet a little
What’s really being said: We’re going full MacGyver on this one

12. What you heard: There were a few small issues…
What’s really being said: This was a monumental disaster

13. What you heard: Leave it to me…
What’s really being said: You’re making a mess of it and I might as well do it myself

14. What you heard: Where is the ice sculptor?
What’s really being said: If she’s not here in 5 mins I will carve it myself

15. What you heard: What time is it now?
What’s really being said: Tell me the time to the exact millisecond

16. What you heard: Our event app developers rock
What’s really being said: Our event app developers rock

Ah, shucks. Thanks guys. Want some advice or input about your next event app, registration system or RFID/NFC name badges from the event app developers and event tech providers at Noodle Live? Give us a shout. We’re all friendly people and we would love to help you find the right tech for your next event. Jargon free.

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