Best of the Tech Web – March


Trying to stay on top of what’s going on across the tech web, #EventProfs? Struggling to keep up? Oh yes – we hear you. As always, we’ve been checking up on the month’s antics and have bundled it all up for you, so you don’t get left behind. March saw good ol’ Queenie getting herself on the gram, to women claiming their first space walk…have a scroll and get yourself back in the loop.


The Queen sent her first IG post.

You can see her Majesty’s IG debut here. Anyone else disappointed by the lack of crown emojis, or is that just us? ?



Massive Attack album stored in a painting using DNA.

This article headline reads fresh out of a a sci-fi, alas, this is real life in 2019 and this here painting in fact contains millions of copies of Massive Attack’s new album!



The first all-women spacewalk is finally happening...

Awesome news to release on International Women’s Day on 2019. History – made.



…and then it was cancelled.

Due to not having enough suitable space suits, so a man had to replace one of the women. Hmm.



Man survives hours lost at sea by turning jeans into floating device.

The most low-tech buoyancy device imaginable, a pair of jeans. Who knew!?



One viral tweet saved the day for this struggling donut shop.

Ready to get those warm, fuzzy feelings? This story has that real feel-good factor we know you all need today!



Facebook’s Catastrophic Blackout Could Cost $90 Million in Lost Revenue.

We wouldn’t exactly describe this as the ‘best’ of the tech web, but how could we not include the blackout that cut us all off from Facebook, Instagram AND What’s App for 14 hours. The horror!



The Apple Card is coming.

“Apple is building its ecosystem not by reinventing the wheel, but by sprucing up traditional, boring products.”



McDonald’s Drive Thru is getting an AI makeover.

‘Trending’ menu items will soon be a thing, as well as personalised options according to factors like the weather and time of day.



New Zealand veteran, 95, catches four buses to join anti-racism rally.


Nothing to do with tech, but too heart-warming to not include!



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