19 things Facebook could have bought for $19billion

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Has Mark Zuckerberg lost the plot? We’re not quite sure. With the news that Facebook has acquired WhatsApp in a deal worth $19billion in cash and shares we decided to have a look at what else he might have bought instead.


$19bn is more than the GDP of the countries of Iceland and Fiji combined, about £11.4bn, or enough to get you one of these 19 options.


1. Borrow the world population of pandas from China for the next 126 years (using the price that Edinburgh Zoo paid for their 2 pandas)




2. All of the houses in Hull – or 76 bridges across the Humber




3. A Tesco meal deal for the entire population of Somalia, every day, for a year.


Tesco Meal Deal - www.groceryinsight.com

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4. Travel costs for all of Harry Styles 19.5million twitter followers to come to his house. Terrifying.




5. Enough petrol to drive a Ford Focus the distance to the Sun and back 500 times. They do 100km on just 6 litres.




6. Cristiano Ronaldo for every team in the Scottish Premier League in all 11 starting positions – ie 132 times




7. 19 Instagrams – also bought by Facebook, but for a mere $1bn in 2012




8. Every one of Turkey’s 76 million people a case of 6 bottles of Moet and Chandon




9. 114 billion Giant white chocolate mice – anyone for a 10p mix?


10. Enough copies of Cliff Richard’s single ‘Summer Holiday’ to make it go platinum 24,000 times over.




11. The entire population of the world a pint of bitter in The Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster. Close to the Sam Smith’s brewery. £1.60 a pint.




12. The Shard 26 times (That’s only 5 below).




13. Enough Evian bottled mineral water to fill 12,160 olympic swimming pools. That’s every one in the UK 3 times over… Refreshing.




14. Everyone in London an annual travelcard (Zones 1-2)




15. A Ferrari F50 for everyone at a Spurs match at White Hart Lane




16. Fund NASA for a year – Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg could even send himself to the moon!




17. 50 billion Hepatitis B vaccines – that’s the world population 7 times over




18. 10 Buckingham Palaces – according to Zoopla’s house price valuation




19. Every single TV, Internet, newspaper and magazine advert in the UK for the whole of 2014 – and use it to promote Facebook Messenger…



Money well spent? What do you think?


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