Cake of the Month: Playable Angry Birds


It’s been a little while, but as you’ll know, we in the Noodle Live team are partial to a bit of cake. But we don’t just like tasty ones. We like pretty ones too. In fact, the more attractive, the better! 


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We know it’s all about Flappy Bird at the mo, but nevertheless this month, flying into our blogs is this crazy contraption, the Angry Birds cake. And what’s more, YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY IT!




Cake-creator, Mike Cooper made the arches of Scottish tea-time staples, Tunnocks Caramel wafers.




The pigs and birds are crafted from marzipan and ready-to-roll icing. The stones and ice also use pre-prepared packets of Dr Oetker Regal Ice and Mike made liberal use of some Betty Crocker mixes.




The cake also uses a real working catapult and a hefty piece of wooden board. Turns out this cake is less about being a Masterchef and more about being a Master Craftsman! Check it out the construction process, and Ben playing his cake in the video.




If you fancy trying one yourself Mike is kind enough to share his cake architecture with the world and even has step-by-step instructions on his website,, However, be warned, Mike says that it took him 10 hours to make and just 2 minutes for his son to destroy! Though it surely made for a very memorable 6th birthday for Ben.




That’s all from us for now but we’ll be back next month with more cake related finds for you to enjoy!


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