6 Cool Things We Learnt at the BNC Event Show


Missed the BNC Event Show? Bummer. This year was one of the best and most vibrant shows yet. There were graffiti walls, edible bubbles, great new venues, pampering parties and some banging bowls of hot steaming food being passed around. And there were also some pretty snazzy RFID name badges on display too. Plus, the lovely Charlalas sang to us:

Pretty cool, right? Before you get too caught up in FOMO, let us reassure you. Once all of the RFID name badges were distributed, we headed out onto the floor to find the best and most interesting things on display at the show, and now we’ve only gone and listed them all down for you! Goodness, we’re handy to have around. So, whilst we can’t give you the actual experience of being at the show itself, we can ease the pain a little with our rundown of the 6 coolest things we learnt this year:

  1. Stress Matters

Stressed out? Exhausted? Yep, sometimes it feels like that goes with the territory of being an #EventProf, but the awesome team at Stress Matters are aiming to put a stop to that way of thinking with their brilliant campaign to shift the industry culture and introduce new standards for employers. 71% of #EventProfs believe that their colleagues are suffering from stress, and Stress Matters want to work with teams and individuals to change that and find manageable ways to promote self-care and a more sustainable work culture. We’re big fans of their work.

  1. Sustainability in the event industry is possible

More and more #EventProfs are looking for sustainable solutions for event industry waste, and at Caper & Berry they’re taking action with a company-wide review of all of their processes and products. They’re introducing compostable packaging, eliminating plastic straws and switching to local suppliers in an effort to reduce their environmental impact. We found it all pretty inspirational, and the best part was, their food also looks and tastes incredible, so you can wow your guests and do your bit for the planet too. It’s great to see the event industry taking a responsible approach towards sustainability.

  1. There’s a great new venue coming to Brighton

The beautiful and iconic Brighton Dome was built in 1805 and has just undergone an incredible £21million redevelopment, which will open up new venue space for conferences, meetings and private dining events. Originally built by the Prince Regent as a stable block, the space was used as a skating rink in Victorian times and then a WW1 military hospital. The newly redeveloped spaces will accommodate events from 50 people to 1700 and will be ready by 2020.

  1. Getting a manicure during an event makes us on fleek

Apparently, great events are now offering beauty treatments on the go thanks to the fantastic skills of the Vanity Van. They offer everything from haircuts and barbering to eyebrow shaping and body art, right there in the middle of the show. What better solution could there be for busy lives than to grab a pampering treat whilst you take a break from browsing the exhibition stands? To prove the concept, we even treated ourselves to a manicure, and now we’re looking pretty fly, even if we do say so ourselves.

  1. We still love holograms

Yep, we mentioned them last year, but we’re still pretty loved up with the incredible work of Azteqvision who bring live holograms to your conference or exhibition stand. Their stand at the BNC Event Show had us mesmerised and their 3D holographic images are surprisingly easy to install and use, so you can improve footfall and generally ensure you stand out amongst the crowd.

  1. Graffiti has gone digital

The Outstanding Events Company offer loads of really fun and interesting entertainment tech to make your events more interactive and to add some fun and creativity. At the BNC Event Show, we learned about their Digital Graffiti Wall, which uses an infrared spray can to draw onto a giant 2.7meter wall. No mess, just virtual artworks that look cool and allow guests to create something they can feel really proud of (and share on social media).

If you were at the BNC Event Show, you might have noticed some pretty snazzy event tech. We supplied the RFID name badges RFID name badges that allowed you to register, check your coat, register for sessions and swap contact details with exhibitors. Want to know more about our event tech? Why not give us a call?

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