We missed V-day, but we want to make it up to you…

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We’ve got a secret crush…


There’s one day a year when you can reveal your secret crush and tell someone how you feel about them – and we’ve only gone and bloomin’ missed it.


We totally forgot to spread the Noodle Live Love to #EventProfs this Valentines Day. And now we just can’t bring ourselves to wait a whole year to tell you how we feel.


Ok, here’s the truth. We really dig you. Like, we think you’re pretty cool and we’re sorry we missed Valentines but we’re just going to come right out and say it – we want to get to know you better.


The truth is, our RFID name badges are locked and loaded and we would love it if you allowed us to tap to activate them in your event venue. There, we said it.


That’s why we’re offering you 25% off Noodle Live event tech*. And, because we love you all year round and not just on a designated day (one day of the year is quite easy to forget, ok), your discount is valid for all of your 2019 events.


To claim your discount, contact us and use the code #showmethelove


So, you know, call us sometime. Or not. Whatever. We’re cool. No big deal. Just putting ourselves out there. Publicly. For all to see. Not waiting by the phone or anything (totally waiting by the phone).


*Ok, we know it’s just a first date, but we like to put it all out there straight away so that everything’s super clear. Here’s the small print: The discount is only applicable to license, office PM and hardware. It does not include consumables, on-site support or expenses. Discounted jobs must be paid in full and contracted before the end of March for a 2019 event.