App of the Month – Happn


Move over Tinder, there’s a new dating app in town!


What is it?

“Find the people you’ve crossed paths with”


Discover the people you’ve crossed paths with, the people you like, the people you’d like to find again!


On the face of it, Happn appears not dissimilar to Tinder but rather than using mutual likes, it seeks out app users within a 250m radius using geolocation to create an enhanced dating app. Never miss hot stranger on the street again!


It’s a French app. Naturellement.



Why use it?

The idea is that now you’ll be able to hook up with missed connections, like that fitty whose eye you caught in the post office, but couldn’t ask him out because it didn’t seem quite appropriate while he was arguing with the stupid assistant about how his passport photo had too much of a smile to be valid, when he wasn’t even smiling that much anyway and even if he had been, then he had such a cute smile that WHY DID IT EVEN MATTER?!




But yeah, if he has the Happn app too, have a quick look at your home screen and you’ll see when and where your paths crossed and you’ll be able to find him again.


And while it all seems quite silly, many of us know those lost moments and potential life partners – just see the Metro’s Rush Hour Crush feature in the paper each morning. On top of this, if you keep passing someone in the same place all the time, the chances are that you probably do have a fair bit in common with them – birds of a feather flock together and all that.


Happn 1Happn 2Happn 3

So tell me more…

A home screen provides images of all the Happn users you’ve crossed paths with – when you see someone you fancy you can:

  • Either secretly LIKE them, or if you’re more of an extrovert, send them a CHARM to let them know you’re interested
  • If you both fancy each other, you have a CRUSH, which allows you to start a conversation with each other

Once you’ve used your introductory free credits (enabling you to charm and message), you have to pay for more, luckily for your love life, they’re pretty reasonable at 10 for £1.49, 100 for £9.99.

The app is completely secure as your location is never visible to the other members – only the location of where you have passed each other is saved.



Should I download it?

We’re really excited by this as it’s a great use of geolocation. As ever with location services though, the benefits of giving away your location should outweigh any privacy negatives. We think Happn is a wonderful example of how geolocation can be used to your advantage in a fun, helpful and crucially – confidential – way.
If you’re single, give it a go, if nothing more you’ll find the technology amazing! If you’re not single get your friend to give it a go and be their virtual wingman/woman.


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