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Lion Sleeping waiting for the Wakie App

If your alarm clock struggles to wake you from your slumber you may want to try this new app. Perhaps what you need is being woken up by a chirpy random stranger?

OR perhaps you fancy being that random stranger for someone else?

Lion Sleeping waiting for the Wakie App


What is it?

Wakie is:

“A fun, friendly community of people who wake each other up in the morning.”

In essence you set your alarm for whatever time you’d like waking, and a stranger from somewhere in the world will call you at that time, wake you and say hello. You can then have a short (up to 60 seconds) conversation with them to gently stir you into the living world.

Alternatively, you can be the waker-upper and chat to snoozy sleepers (called Sleepies) yourself!


Wakie 1 Wakie 2 Wakie 3


Why use it?

Wakie say, “It’s a brand new way to wake up, made especially for those of us who hate the jarring noise of an alarm clock. When you use Wakie, you get to start your day with a smile instead of a frown!”

It’s totally anonymous and no phone numbers are visible or exchanged, so no need to worry about stalky weirdoes.


Wakie 4 Wakie 5 Wakie 6


So tell me more…

Set an alarm for 7:00am and you’ll get a phone call from another Wakie member at 7:00am. The calls last just 60 seconds — you’ll hear a warning at 50 seconds, and the call is automatically disconnected at 1 minute. No awkward goodbyes, no long conversations; calls are quick and casual.

In our experience, because of the time difference you (if you’re in Britain) get to wake up Americans on your lunch, which is great timing. Wakie also matches you with people of the opposite sex, the creator, Hrachik Adjamian says that this is because we’re nicer to them than our own gender!

There’s a great video showing what happens from the folks at BBC Click below:


Should I download it?

We gave it a try and absolutely loved it. It’s fun and free so there isn’t much to lose – and it is genuinely nice to be woken by a real human who talks you out of hitting any snooze button. It may be one of those apps that you delete after a few weeks, but even if just for a short time, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

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