Event Tech of the Month: Digital Magic


Everything’s gone digital these days. Even the humble old magician. Why pull a rabbit out of your hat when you can pull it out of your iPad? Well actually, why pull rabbits out of anything? We’ve never really got that.

Digital magicians are becoming increasingly popular at corporate events as #EventProfs look for ways to add new elements to their presentations and to provide ice-breaking entertainers. At Noodle Live we spend most of our time creating bespoke apps for events and we’re always on the look out for a little event tech inspiration, so we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of the digital wizards (is that strange?). Here’s what we discovered:

What is digital magic? 

Similar to traditional magic but using tech products to add a modern twist. Digital magicians still rely on sleight of hand and trickery, but they also use tech to help create their illusions. Think magician gone full geek.

Digital magicians can perform large-scale tricks to perk up your keynote speeches, or create intimate tricks to be performed for just a few people at a time. Perfect for dinner party entertainment, product launches and staged events.

iPads, iPhones and large screens can all be used in digital magic. Most of these performers are also talented coders who know how to get their tech to perform weird and wonderful trickery.

Tom London is one of the best known digital magicians on the circuit at the moment. He’s famous for asking the entire audience to use their phones to interact with his show via specially designed apps for events and for creating bespoke tricks that work with the messaging and theme of the event he’s performing at. Watch him at work:

Hiroki Hara is a hologram illusionist who seems to be able to make objects move between the realms of reality and hologram. Hologram feathers become real doves and the illusionist transforms himself into a variety of different objects that move between the real and digital worlds. Hiroki is also able to integrate branding into his acts if the event organisers would like. Watch him at work:

Simon Pierro is another iPad magician who’s been making big waves on the international scene and has earned him the nickname the ‘Wizard of iOS’. He’s also a huge YouTube star. Check out this madness:


What do delegates get?

A little entertainment value. This can also be a great way to convey your brand message in a really memorable way. Digital magic captures the imagination and plays with the unexpected.

Old school entertainment is out of fashion. These days it’s all about creating great experiences that attendees will want to talk about in person and on social media. Younger attendees will be very comfortable using technology, so seeing it used in new and unusual ways will be a big plus for them. 

What do #EventProfs get?

Hire a digital magician to create a special trick that incorporates your brand message. Most magicians can create customised tricks that will help you to play on the themes of your event. Illusionists of this kind make their money at events and are willing to work with organisers to create bespoke tricks and shows.

Magic has always been a popular tool for creating shared experiences that appeal to audience members sense of wonder and disbelief. Storytelling has been proven to be one of the best ways to leave a lasting impression and to improve recall of information, so your delegates are likely to remember your brand message better if you’re able to take them on a magical journey to tell it.

The Noodle insight

In our opinion technology is pretty magical just as it is. Magic tricks make you feel like a little kid, trying to figure out how the world works, but these days, scanning the pages of TechCrunch can have a similar effect. Digital magicians are slightly less cheesy than traditional magicians, but they’re still a bit awkward.

Our advice is to stick to using digital magicians during presentations where they can bring your ideas to life and add some interest to long speeches. Keep things simple and don’t give the digital magic too much emphasis. One great trick that leaves the audience guessing is worth more than a 20 minute magic show. You want it to capture people’s attention and excite them, not distract from your pitch.

Can it be used with Noodle Tech?

Absolutely. We create bespoke apps for events and obviously, we would love to work with a digital magician. Maybe he could help us find out AirPods too.

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