What To Call Your Event Wi-Fi? Funny Wi-Fi Names To Entertain Guests

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Mobile app for conference? Absolutely! RFID swipe points? You got it! What to call your Wi-fi to make it clear to delegates which network to connect to? We have some suggestions…

In an effort to send subtle (or not so subtle) messages to their neighbours and visitors, people are using their Wi-fi names as messaging boards. And that’s when things get interesting. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, they’ll give you performance anxiety next time you need to think of a Wi-fi name. Here are some of our favourite funny Wi-fi names:

Some People Got Clever With Song Titles

song title wi-fi name






joke wi-fi names


This one gets special merit for requiring participation from an entire block of flats:


funny wi-fi names 5

Or Geeky Tech Puns

creative wi-fi names



crazy wi-fi names



Some Funny Wi-fi Names Were Just Plain Frisky



funny wi-fi names 6



funny wi-fi names






And LAN Names Seemed to Create Quite a Frenzy



wi-fi names
















There Were Those Who Went Down The Creepy Route(r)







 Those Who Tried to Make Their Wi-fi Less Appealing



funny wi-fi names 4






Those Who Opted for Real Talk



funny wi-fi network



funny wi-fi names 2



And Those Who Said It Like It Is

silly wi-fi names



rude wi-fi names



But Our Favorite Has to Be This Hero, Who Just Wanted A Little Love in the World


passive agressive wi-fi names



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