The role of agencies in shaping a sustainable future


The Power of Agencies in Driving Sustainable Events

Agencies like Provision have a unique role to play in shaping and delivering true sustainability in the events sector. This blog explores key challenges and opportunities for events agencies such as –

  • How to balance budgets with sustainable event solutions
  • Finding the right partners to deliver sustainable events
  • Sustainable events certification and frameworks to drive credibility



The challenges in spearheading sustainable events for agencies are growing in relation to the demand for these services. Often event planners will want to work with their event agency to design and deliver a truly sustainable and inspiration event experience but will have their hands tied when it comes to timelines and budgets. Here we explore these challenges and some of the solutions being offered by our friends at Provision Events, one of the leading sustainable events agencies globally.


The great budget challenge

 Agencies can offer a wider range of sustainable event solutions from environmentally friendly consumables and branding to recycled materials but often these are more expensive and look less ‘appealing’ aesthetically than traditional versions.

There is also a marked difference in terms of the available event budgets between the US and Europe right now and often the more sustainable option is unaffordable in many contexts. However, in looking at things over the medium to long term, once sustainable solutions are in place, the cost of these often reduce over time based on durability and reuse. The trick is to look at ROI and attendee engagement as key factors in an events success.  


Finding the right partners to deliver sustainable event tech and services

 The power of networks and partners is always key, and this is no different when it comes to offering engaging, interactive and sustainable solutions for events.

Agencies are catalysts in that they are the conduit for a wide range of event clients to access the right service providers for event branding, engagement and technology.

As ProVision have demonstrated, agencies who do more than pay lip service to sustainable event design and delivery have an opportunity to partner with cutting edge delivery partners who share their values and can be brought in to deliver innovative sustainable solutions. Their partnerships with Ecologi, The Geo Foundation, ISO and Event Cycle help them to deliver truly sustainable events with the latest event innovations.


Sustainable events certifications and frameworks

Event agencies have a unique opportunity to offer their clients access to best practice and industry expertise when it comes to designing, measuring and delivering sustainable events. Some of our favourite frameworks that are emerging right now include ISO, Planet Mark and Greener Futures to name a few!

Finding the right sustainable event framework can simplify a very complex and confusing landscape here and mutually beneficial partnership models can also deliver win/win sustainable events solutions for event planners. They also provide credibility and reassurance to event organisers who are time and expertise poor, given all the additional pressures that are on them.



Here at Noodle our Sustainability Manifesto, sets out our ESG commitments and gives us a pathway towards innovating in this space with the partners and clients we work with. We place our relationships with agencies like ProVision as central to our ethos and ability to deliver truly sustainable events. Why not reach out and talk to us to find out more?

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