The Benefits of Self Service Event Tech


Making your life as an event planner easy

For years at Noodle, we have offered a ‘self-serve’ plug-n-play option for our platform and badging services that allow event planners to manage their costs at the same time as delivering a smooth, sustainable registration experience for attendees. More and more of our European clients are moving in this direction and looking for simple, easy and fast self managed solutions for their smaller events.


Self Service Event Tech that is Easy and effective

Many of our clients have multiple, smaller events throughout the year which lend themselves to lower cost, complete self-serve onsite tech models. And this is why a ‘self-serve’ model of event badging, check in, session scanning and even lead capture, makes sense for a large proportion of our client base.

At Noodle, our platform and badging solution allows our clients to access an easy to use option that comprises a laptop or tablet paired with a label printer, QR code scanner and NFC reader as optional additions, depending on the level of sophistication desired.

This automatically cuts our additional staffing costs, allowing event planners to run every aspect of their event the way they want to for a memorable attendee experience.


Our popular self service solution

We aim to make the badge design & print process, as flexible, easy and intuitive as possible for our clients. To assist with this, we make sure that – 

  • All your registration and scanning hardware is neatly packed and delivered to the venue when you need it
  • All hardware is pre-configured in accordance with your specific event setup and printing process
  • The Noodle software offers a natively built badge designer – in just a few steps you can upload your badge artwork and start printing fully designed badges
  • The Noodle system fully supports direct printing with no additional software required – just connect your printer to the tablet / laptop via USB cable and start printing on-demand
  • Recognising each event’s unique requirements, our platform offers multiple ways of managing the registration and check-in process, all available by default on your environment (no additional configuration required) – from bulk printing features, through manual check-in and onsite registration



Increasingly, many of our clients are taking advantage of Noodles expert onboarding and support packages to allow them to manage their end-to-end event tech and attendee journey utilising our self-serve options for badge printing, registration and session scanning. If you are looking for a simple and effective tech solution, why not contact us and find out more?

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