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There are a growing number of items being connected to the ‘Internet of Things’ through RFID, NFC or WiFi and smart kitchen appliances may soon revolutionise home (or office!).


Imagine a machine that had your dinner ready for you when you got home from work though. Before we get to a fully-formatted robot butler, we think the Mellow may be the best answer!


It’s the logical next step, from the world’s first WiFi kettle – here at Noodle Live we REALLY want one of these iKettles – please send one, we promise to love you forever.


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Mellow – What is it?
Mellow is a new kind of kitchen robot. Not a butler though.


It’s a sous-vide machine (cooks food in water in plastic bags) that takes orders through your smartphone. But it keeps food cold until it’s the exact time to start cooking and it’s controlled through the app on your phone.


So it’s an app, but also sort of a pan, sort of fridge and sort of a chef. But a really hi-tech version of all of them.


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Why use it?
Cooking something delicious yourself and sitting down to enjoy it is one of life’s small but rewarding pleasures, but donning your apron is sometimes just not compatible with a busy lifestyle.


It takes a lot of energy to craft a great meal, when you have to balance dinner, work, and everything else you have going on. Mellow makes it a lot easier by cooking ingredients to perfection while you’re away.


Think of Mellow as your loyal helper. Tell it what to do, teach it what you like, and it’ll do its best to make your life simpler.



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Mellow alerts your iOS or Android device when it senses you’ve placed food in its water bath so that you can set how you’d like it cooked. Tell it your ingredient, what time you want it ready by and specify how well done you’d like it and Mellow will fire up on command just like a personal chef.


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So tell me more…
We’ll let the Mellow video do that!



Should I download it?
Now unlike most of our Apps of the Month you obviously do need the rest of the kit with this one. And there are three more barriers; It’s pricey ($400), it’s only available on pre-order (ships early 2015) and you can only get it in the US. So, no – don’t download it yet.


Mellow Sous-Vide Order Screen - Noodle Live Blog


However, you should check out the growing number of similar products that are connected to the Internet. Such as:

  • iKettle – On demand water boiling (doesn’t add milk or sugar though)
  • Hive – Heating and water temperature control from British Gas
  • DrivePlus – Checks how safe a driver you are and can adjust your Direct Line insurance premium
  • ADT Pulse – Home security automation


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