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As you may have noticed, our website has had a bit of a face-lift. A little nip and tuck here and there and some rejuvenating treatments to make her sparkle again!


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As part of this make-over we’ve added an amazing offering for event organisers – our free Event Tech Clinic consultancy sessions.


Getting a handle on the dizzying array of technology available for events, conferences and exhibitions can be difficult. It’s a bit of a jungle out there and it can be hard to know which bits of tech will actually add to your event rather than just eat away at your budget.





That’s where Noodle Live come in – we’re offering free Event Tech Clinics to the best event agencies out there – it’s a pretty unique opportunity to get the low down on event tech and get honest answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask someone in the know.


The free Event Tech Clinic workshops include a member of the Noodle Live team visiting your UK office to deliver your choice of two of our event tech masterclasses:

  • Making The Most Of Your Event App
  • The Venue Wi-Fi Checklist
  • Using Social Media For Events
  • Choosing Your Technology Supplier
  • The Future Of Event Technology


The masterclasses last around 15 minutes and are followed by a 30 minute Q&A session where we invite you to really put us to the test!






With our free Event Tech Clinic we’d like to help agencies understand what technology is available and how to successfully deploy these system to deliver ROI to all key stakeholders.


It can be difficult for event organisers to keep tabs on all the latest event technology out
there. Just a couple of years ago, having a mobile app would really differentiate you from the competition, now most organisers rightly see them as an essential.


What organisers are beginning to focus on is developing a strategy around their event tools – how will technology be deployed and promoted to drive uptake and deliver that return on investment for everyone concerned.


Our belief is that technology should enable your strategy without being disruptive to attendee experience – after all, it should make your life easier, not harder!






For example, our RFID enabled badges and wristbands to make it easy for attendees to collect and share information via their mobile app bringing a seamless technology experience to events, conferences and exhibitions.


We now also offers a suite of tools for attendees to use in Q&A sessions and for voting or polling. All of which are accessed from within an app on attendees own smart phones or tablet computers, rather than using unfamiliar 3rd party devices. Our tools can be included as part of a fully functional event app or used as a standalone product.


Anyone wishing to take advantage of this limited time offer should visit the Event Tech Clinic page to book a session. Priority will be given to those who book before 30 June 2014. 

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Noodle Live brings a seamless social experience to events, conferences and exhibitions using a combination of mobile applications and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) swipe cards to streamline information sharing. 

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This post was written by Thom Feeney, Marketing Manager at Noodle Live

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