Event Tech of the Month: Glisser

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Adding a little ‘tech chic’ to your event?

Great event tech isn’t a gimmick, it can transform your event and help you to improve the delegate experience, open up new revenue streams for sponsors and gather a huge amount of data about how your audience behave and what they want more of. At Noodle Towers we like to keep an eye out for any interesting new event technology so that we can keep you informed about the best new developments and innovations. Welcome to our new regular blog features: Event Tech Of The Month.

This month we’re looking at Glisser, the software that claims to help make your presentations better by making them more social. It’s a bold claim. But what does it mean?


What is it?

According to the creators it’s ‘interactive presentation software made easy’. Glisser has the ability to help presenters communicate with their audiences in real time so they can get instant feedback and questions. It makes presentations and talks more interactive. Phew. No more staring out into a sea of blank faces and wondering what on earth the audience are thinking!

Glisser uses social interactions that generate data from your attendees so both the presenter and the event organiser can better understand how the audience are feeling and what they want more of. Glisser allows you to host audience Q&A sessions that don’t require you to send your intern dashing around with a floor mic. You can ask audience members to submit their questions and then filter out the best and most interesting submissions.

You can also use the live polling and feedback functions to improve audience engagement. Rather than having your audience sit passively to listen to endless talks, create polls or quizzes to gather feedback and drive debate.

#EventProfs can react to the data in real time or simply wait for the post-event data summary to be sent for more in depth analysis. The data includes all of the audience details, questions that were asked and answers to any polls.

We’re big fans of Glisser at Noodle Towers, which is why we’ve made sure that it’s fully integrateable with our bespoke event apps, so you can get a white label app that will use your logos and branding with all of the great features mentioned above. At Noodle we also offer real time updates and alerts, personalised schedules and social media and instant messaging capability. That means that your delegates get all of these features in one easy-to-navigate app. Handy!


How does it benefit delegates?

It makes sessions and talks much more engaging and interactive.

Attendees can get hold of slides instantly, make notes and have their thoughts and opinions heard. No more snoozing in the back of the lecture hall. You know who you are!


How does it benefit organizers?

Glisser is designed to help #EventProfs reach their goals and improve the quality of their events. It allows you to gather valuable information about your audience’s reactions in real time, while there’s still time to do something about it. You can also gather lots of lovely data about delegates to analyse once the event has finished. That way you can make your next event even better!

You can also use Glisser to make life easier for your presenters. They can share their slides with the audience, filter audience questions and get instant feedback as they talk. How refreshing.


Should I use it?

In a nutshell, yes. Unless your intern particularly enjoys running around with a floor mic.

Glisser can add an extra layer of interactivity to your events that will help to keep everyone happy, from presenters and delegates to event organisers and sponsors.


Can it be used with Noodle Live event tech?

Yes. Glisser can be integrated with our bespoke event apps. Isn’t that handy?

If you would like to include Glisser in your next event technology package, talk to us about app integration and features. And don’t worry if you find it all a little confusing. Our team of expert geeks at Noodle Labs can help to guide you safely through the event tech jungle so you can find the right tech for your needs.