The Business Case for A Mobile Event App


Think event tech is a luxurious expense? Think again. There’s actually a great business case for allocating budget towards a strong event app strategy. Noodle Live specialises in helping #EventProfs to navigate the tech jungle and create a versatile mobile event app that will improve the quality and outcomes of the overall event.

Smart #EventProfs know that a good event app is not about being flashy or on trend. It can help you to improve engagement, streamline processes and encourage networking. That’s a pretty handy piece of kit!

What are mobile event apps?

An event app is an app designed to be downloaded to delegate’s mobile phones or tablets to gives them all of the information they need for the event plus loads of fantastic features such as better communication with other guests, easier gathering of documents and handouts and faster registration and session sign-up. #EventProfs will find that an app gives them better potential for gathering data and managing crowds too. Organisers can add their own branding to the event attendee app to ensure a slick user experience that’s in-keeping with the rest of the event.

Do I need one?

As with all event tech that we use at Noodle Live, we suggest that you take a step back and look at the overall goals for your event before committing to any piece of tech. But when it comes to getting value from a piece of technology, an event app is a great way to go. There is a strong business case for investing in an app because of all of the great ways it can help you make life simpler and more efficient for yourself, your exhibitors and your delegates.

Business case 1: More data

An event attendee app can help you gather loads of really useful data about your delegates and how they interact with your event.

#EventProfs get access to an event app dashboard with real time data about how many people have arrived, what touch-points they are engaging with and how much they are engaging with each other. This can help you manage crowds on the day, avoid problem areas and action improvements for your next event.

In the age of big data, having relevant, up the minute information about every area of your event can make the difference between an event that runs smoothly from start to finish and an event that feels confusing and cluttered.

Business case 2: Sponsorship opportunities

Event apps offer a range of additional sponsorship opportunities. Allow sponsors to promote their product via the app to create extra revenue streams. That’s extra money in the bank that could pay for the cost of the app itself.

Business case 3: Improved delegate experience

An event app can make a delegate’s life a whole lot easier. With real time updates and alerts they can organise their day better and stay informed about any changes, such as transport delays or session start times.

No more paper handouts and piles of confusing notes either. Our event attendee apps allow #EventProfs to upload documents, photos and videos so that they can automatically be emailed to delegate’s inboxes before or after the session begins.

Event apps can be customised to include personalised schedules and calendars, so that #EventProfs can organise their day, choose which sessions to attend and stay on time.

Business case 4: Better delegate engagement

Whilst in a session or talk, event apps allow delegates to interact with the organiser, either through live polling or speaker Q&A sessions. No more running around with a floor mic. Simply accept questions through the app and then filter for the best ones.

Business case 5: Better networking opportunities

Event apps also help delegates to network better, with social media and instant messaging capabilities. They can also create rich profiles or search profiles of other delegates, speakers and exhibitors, so they know who’s at the event and they can also reach out and connect to people if they need to.

Business case 6: Manage crowds better

Worried about bottlenecks when people arrive? Integrate your registration system with your mobile event app for access to real-time information about who is arriving and how many people you’re still waiting for. Not only will you be able to keep track in real time but you’ll also speed up the registration process for guests too.

Help! I’m confused

Don’t be! We love all things geek and techy at Noodle Live and we can guide you every step of the way. We can even offer you a free workshop to help you understand the tech better and a dedicated project manager on the day of the event too, so you’ll always have someone to help you get the most from your mobile event app.


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