The 10 Commandments of Event Technology


When-so-ever you should choose to take your event to the maximus potential using the sacred powers of so-called ‘awesome event tech’, it is of grand importance that thou shalt always follow the 10 commandments of event technology.

Or, you know, here are the top 10 things to remember when planning your event technology strategy:

Screen shot 2015-12-23 at 07.05.161. Thou Shalt Always Check the Venue Wi-Fi

Decreed by Clemi Hardie, Noodle Live Head of Pencils

There’s no getting around this, it’s key to making sure the tech works on the day.

Checking the networks and being familiar with any black spots that wi-fi doesn’t reach in your venue will help things to run much more smoothly on the day. Plan multiple site visits and network test to make sure the venue’s wi-fi is up to scratch for your needs and always have a back up plan if the internet goes down.

2. Thou Shalt Always Use Event Tech to Achieve Goals, Not to Impress People

Decreed by Clemi Hardie, Noodle Live Head of Pencils

The first rule of getting your event technology right is making sure you’re using it for the right reasons. These days, RFID, NFC and bespoke mobile event apps mean that your event tech can do a lot of work for you. It can help you to gather useful data before during and after the event, instantly deliver session notes to your delegates or help people to navigate your event on the day. The right technology isn’t about impressing people with the latest gadgets; it’s about helping you to do your job better, making life easier for you, your delegates and your presenters.

At Noodle Live we start every new project with an in-depth consultation to help identify your goals and obstacles. After that, we put our technology to good use to help achieve those goals. We never use pieces of tech that aren’t necessary.

vicki_fox_noodle_live3. Thou Shalt Communicate. Always.

Decreed by Vicki Fox, Noodle Live Senior Event Manager

“A problem shared is a problem solved. More minds trying to solve a problem is more likely to get you a better outcome.”

When it comes to delivering a great experience for your visitors and delegates, communication is key. If anything changes on the day, for example if you have a problem with the wi-fi or if there is a problem with the technology itself, come up with an actionable solution and then communicate it clearly with your team. Never assume that people will know that things have changed if you haven’t told them yourself.

Great event tech allows event organisers to communicate with groups and individuals much more effectively, so you can keep the information flowing and ensure the event flows perfectly. At Noodle, our event apps offer real time alerts and updates. You can easily let delegates know if anything changes: if a session is running late, if a new speaker is about to start their presentation or even if it’s started raining outside so that they can plan their journey home. Our apps also offer instant messaging so you can communicate with individual guests any time you need to.

martin_perceval_noodle_live4. Thou Shalt Always Understand the Event Technology Landscape

Decreed by Martin Perceval, Noodle Live Senior Developer

Event technology is changing all the time. Make sure you do your research or work with people who know the industry and can advise you on the latest developments and technology to ensure that you’re up to date.

If you’ve run an event before, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to rely on the exact same technology package this time. Do your research and find out about new adaptations or pieces of tech that could improve your event. At Noodle Towers our team are constantly working to create new features that tackle some of the most common problems #EventProfs face, like our exhibitor lead capture tool to help exhibitors capture more information from more visitors than ever before.


5. Thou Shalt Always Create Check Lists

Decreed by Vicki Fox, Noodle Live Senior Event Manager

“Live, breathe, dream them!” Enough said.

Jess Meyer at Noodle Live6. Thou Shalt Always Plan Ahead

Decreed by Jess Meyer, Noodle Live Operations Manager

“Plan the delegate flow and registration carefully as first impressions affect delegate engagement.” It’s all to easy to blame the ’system’ if something goes wrong, but it’s often a lack of planning that causes problems rather than the technology itself. Make sure you have enough support staff on site and encourage everyone to smile and be friendly. It’s amazing how quickly this can improve delegates experience of the ‘system’.

7. Thou Shalt Be A Digital Networking Wizzard

Decreed by Vicki Fox, Noodle Live Senior Event Manager

The social media and private messaging functions on our mobile event apps allow you to get connected and start networking immediately. Use these functions to get to know as many people as possible both before, during and after the event. “The speakers, the industry big wigs, the new intern at the tiny tech agency you’ve not yet heard of! You never know where any connection may end up taking you. Take the time to network and it will always help you in the long run.”

8. Thou Shalt Always Brief Your Team Thoroughly

Decreed by Jess Meyer, Noodle Live Operations Manager

This is especially important for the registration team and for all speakers and moderators – anyone connected with the delivery of the event tech. Make sure that every single person is completely comfortable with the technology. This will make it much easier to help delegates find everything they need once the event gets started.

event_technology9. Thou Shalt Always Add a Buffer to Budgets

Decreed by Vicki Fox, Noodle Live Senior Event Manager

Your event tech budget should always include a buffer amount just in case you decide you need extra features or staff at the last minute. You may not need to spend it, but you’ll be glad it’s there if you suddenly decide that you need extra information points to give your delegates the best experience possible.

Aurora Bullock at Noodle Live10. Thou Shalt Always Debrief

Decreed by Aurora Bullock, Noodle Live Sales and Marketing Executive

Your event tech should help you to gather loads of lovely data about your visitors and how they behaved during the event. Make the most of this vital information by holding a debrief session with everyone involved so that you can make your next events even better and more engaging.


Need a little extra help planning the event technology for your next event? At Noodle Live we’ve got all 10 commandments covered from understanding the event tech landscape to knowing how to check the venue’s wi-fi extensively; we can even supply a support team to run your registration and help points on the day. For more information about our bespoke event apps and RFID & NFC technology, get in touch!