Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet March 2016


Oh, the good old glory days of last month! Remember those days of innocence when Boaty McBoatface was still funny? Ahh. Memories. Here’s how we totally distracted ourselves from bespoke event app building this month.

Gif Lovers Unite

Love a good .gif? So do the folks at Pins Collective who have created a broach that displays your favourite .gif images.


Kid’s Toys got Techy

Imagine how smart we would be if we had toys like this when we were children? The Cubetto coding toy gets mini-Techy McTech Faces used to the language and style of digital codes and is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter and has already hit it’s goal 10 times over.


Strandbeest’s Made Us Want an Office Pet

We couldn’t take our eyes off these incredible kinetic sculptures from Theo Jansen, and for some reason they made us feel all warm and gooey inside. The sculptures are made of simple PVC materials and are designed to ‘walk on the wind’. Jansesn views them as a form of artificial life and eventually aims to create ‘herds’ that will live independently and roam across beaches for as long as they are able to survive.


Speaking of Robots That Walk…

This hydraulic 3d printed robot can begin to walk as soon as printing is finished. Scientists hacked the printer to allow it to add the liquid components needed needed for hydraulic movement, allowing them to print a moving robot in just one print run.


We Drooled Over The Flying Machines of the Future

TED, will you marry us? This collection of flying objects that are currently in the process of development are incredibly complex, but we may well see them come into common use in the next 10-20 years.

Teleport Showed Us Where to Find Our Perfect Life

A team of developers from Skype joined together to create Teleport, an app and online service that helps you to identify the best city for you to live and work in based on your personal criteria, including cost of living, lifestyle and employment opportunities. Once you’ve decided where to live Teleport will help you to prepare and execute the move.



We got Singapore, Berlin or London as our top 3 cities.


Living in the Jetson House Became a Reality

Remember dreaming of living in a fully automated house just like the Jetson’s? Well, now you can. Because we live in the future. These homes will do everything for you, including running your bath and boiling the kettle as your alarm goes off. They won’t build an event app for you though. In yer face Jetson house.


Stock Photography Got Real

ModStock released a series of copyright free images that show life the way we really live it. The modern romance series is too close for comfort. Like this man, who seems to be looking for love whilst downloading some vital information to his bathroom facilities. Perhaps we need to build some ‘bathroom entertainment’ features on our next event app?


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