Next Level Exhibitor Lead Capture: Capture More Leads with the power of RFID


We’ve been hard at work in the Noodle Labs to bring you our latest invention.

Our innovations and inventions are always directed and driven by feedback from our clients. We’ve heard a lot of moaning about exhibitor lead capture systems so we decided to make this our next project.

I like it. What is it?

If you’re running an exhibition or conference with exhibition space, chances are your exhibitors & sponsors are asking for a way to capture exhibitor leads to quantify their time at the event. Our latest product is designed to make it even easier for exhibitors and sponsors to capture contact details at your event in real time.

Get ready to bin scraps of paper and ban outdated sign-up sheets, because exchanging information and capturing new leads just became as simple as using your Oyster card to take a tube ride thanks to our latest innovation using cutting edge RFID technology.

When you think about exhibitor lead capture, you probably imagine the standard, clunky, old-fashioned barcode scanners. 2010 much? Never fear, we’re about to throw something a little more modern into the mix. It’s time to throw out the vintage tech and swap in a simple, slick tablet computer that you can carry by hand or set up as a static information point. Ah, that’s better.



How does it work?

For the system to work, you need to link each badge to each visitor’s data – much in the same way as you do with your current barcodes. It’s easy to supercharge your badges by using badge stock with an RFID chip or applying a small sticker to your existing badges.

The common myth with RFID is that it increases badge costs, but the truth is that you can upgrade your current badges from as little as 22p. That’s a small price to pay considering the extra value you’ll be able to offer your visitors, exhibitors & sponsors.

Scared that this will add valuable seconds to your registration process? Never fear, the awesome Noodle team are here to help. On average, it takes us 15-30 seconds to issue a badge to a pre-registered visitor and 30-45 seconds for an on-site registration. Plus, we have an awesome team of super friendly Noodlers ready to man your badging stations and ensure the whole process is totally seamless.

Once your visitors are happily registered, they can use their badge to swap contact details with any stand they visit. Each exhibitor will be provided with a handheld tablet that they can use to swipe visitor badges and collect contact details. Much faster than a barcode scanner!

The exhibitor will then be provided with a complete CSV list of delegates and their contact details after the event. If there’s no network connectivity, it doesn’t matter. You can still continue to collect leads and they will be uploaded later in the day.

As an added benefit, event organisers will also be able to track exactly how visitors are spending their time at the event. Every time they swipe their badge we gather the data to create an accurate picture of how people move and interact.

We can also use the same tablets to track event and session attendance, so you can take care of multiple event logistics in real time using one system.

Exhibitor lead capture with RFID


What other features can RFID exhibitor lead capture offer?

Now this is the bit we’re really proud of. It really highlights why RFID can provide more value than your standard barcode scanner. After collecting contact details from a visitor, exhibitors will be presented with the following options:

Lead Tagging

You can add priority tags to each lead using the tablet touchscreen so exhibitors can easily tag priority leads for effective follow up. The tags operate on a traffic light system, so you can separate urgent, medium and low-priority leads in seconds. All lead tags are provided as part of the post-event data.

Lead Notes

Wave goodbye to scribbling on business cards with the ability to add notes to each lead to ensure follow up is hyper targeted. Exhibitors and sponsors can easily add additional details to key leads to make sure everything about the conversation is captured instantly. All notes are provided as part of the post-event data.

Document Share

We all want to get more information into the hands of potential customers, so why not offer your exhibitors and sponsors a way to do this as part of their conversations at your event?

Each exhibitor can select up to five documents to pre-load onto their tablet to share with visitors when they scan their badge. Every document is delivered instantly via email which gives sales teams a unique way to share the right content with the right people. This encourages visitors to interact with exhibitors and share contact details whilst also getting something in return!

smart badge for exhibitor lead capture
Other Upgrades

Looking for something more? Luckily we’ve got a few extra tricks up our sleeves.

For those who want to really push their brand, we can set up their tablet with custom graphics to provide a bespoke home screen and success screen on each tablet so that it will match the exhibitors stand.

We can also provide additional tablets for each member of the sales team so marketing managers can track individual performance. That means you can compare data from your exhibitor lead capture devices after the event to find out which team members are making the most of your presence at the event.

And if you’re worried you won’t have time to talk to every visitor then we also offer floor stands. Visitors can swipe to register their interest without having to interact with anyone. Your floor stand will be beautifully presented and includes a bespoke vinyl graphic so that it fits with your stand.

What events have used this successfully?

We’re glad you asked. We used our exhibitor lead capture tablets at a recruitment exhibition in Dublin called Career Zoo and it was a huge success with well over 4,000 job seekers in attendance.

We took the concept one step further for Career Zoo by pre-loading each visitor’s CV onto their badge. Once loaded, visitors could easily share their details with potential employers such as Twitter, Microsoft, AOL, TripAdvisor, eBay, PayPal, SquareSpace. We also provided on-site badging facilities for all visitors. The average interaction time came in at just 23 seconds.

We ran over 100 exhibitor lead capture devices on a simple connection of 15mbit/s, which were used to collect over 16,000 CVs during the course of the day.

The organiser also managed to monetise our tech by providing the standard lead capture device as part of the stand cost with the option to upgrade their package with additional features (exhibitor lead capture, lead notes & document shares) and hardware (extra swipe points & floor stand rental).

Want to know more?

Why not contact us to find out more about our exhibitor lead capture and get some advice on the right package for your event? We’re a friendly bunch, we love a good chat and we promise we won’t try to sell you anything either.

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