10 Apps #EventProfs Have Never Heard Of, But Should Have


Think you know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to the latest apps? Well, app developers are notoriously good at coding, but not so good at publicising their creations. In fact, in the last quarter of 2018, an average of 1,434 apps were released onto iOS every day. What kind of tech geek would find the time to sort through that lot?

Ummm – us! Yup. We’re that geeky and we bloomin’ love apps. Lucky for you, when we’re not busy making our own apps for events, we spend way too much time browsing through the latest releases and deep-diving into the hidden depths of the app store. Like, way too much time. Which might explain why our friends keep telling us we need to get out more. And our last relationship ended because we weren’t attentive enough. And that cheese that we bought 3 months ago and haven’t managed to throw out yet is starting to smell like a festering toenail. Sorry, what were we talking about again?

Oh yes, apps. We love apps – they’re our friends. So we thought we would put together a quick list of the best-underrated apps for #EventProfs. Get your phones out #EventProfs! These apps could enhance your productivity, improve your social and even help you get more sleep. Here’s the best of the ones you’ve never heard of:


Want to create some interest social images? Prisma allows you to turn your photos into works of art, and not the cheesy altered image type art, really beautiful pictures that look like oil paintings are quick and easy to create.
Here’s one we made of our office team ready to take on Glisser in last year’s #EventTechGames.

Original photo:



Google’s own photo-editing tool is incredibly powerful and detailed and offers some sophisticated software that is free to access. It’s a generous offering and a great way to make your images look more professional without incurring huge expenses.


Boking flights? SkipLagged offers ‘ridiculous travel deals you can’t find anywhere else’. Try searching for your flights via their app and they will help you find the best price flights including sneaky layover fares. Flying to LA? Well, they will include flights with layovers as well as longer-distance flights that stop in LA, so you can sneak the system and save some serious cash.


Ever need to work in public spaces? Hear app allows you to tune out the noise around you and morph it into tranquil white noise. It claims to filter the harsh sounds in your immediate environment and turn them into a tranquil, harmonic soundscape. You can choose between 7 free filters. You can even use it whilst listening to music at the same time.


Working on a group project? Splitwise allows you to keep track of expenditure from multiple individuals and work out who owes money to who, so that you can wait until the end of the project to settle the bill. It’s great for group holidays or team trips.

iTranslate Converse

If you’re working on projects abroad, this app can be a godsend. It turns your phone into an instant translation device with 38 languages. Simply speak into the phone and it will instantly translate your dialogue. It’s not a free app and it requires a monthly subscription, but it can be activated and deactivated on a month by month basis.


The secret that is getting out of the bag fairly fast. Unfold allows you to create beautiful Instagram stories that work like professional presentations and look professionally edited. There are 25 free templates to get you started and it’s quick and easy to use.


The Tunity app allows you to stream live TV audio straight through the headphones of your phone. Perfect for noisy events where you want to help people to watch live TV without changing the soundscape.


Balancing several group chats? GroupMe is a great way to bring all of your group chats into one place to allow you to keep track and stay informed. Group chats become more like chat rooms with ability to like some comments and open a gallery view to see shared images. You can have as many chats as you want for free. Communicate with colleagues, swap ideas and stay on top of the latest updates from your team – all in one handy dashboard. There’s a handy mute button too, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Google Duo

Need to connect with people on the go? Google Duo allows you to make video calls to people with iPhones or Android. You can make calls on Wi-fi or cellular and it’s far less glitchy than FaceTime.

Got a favourite app that you think needs more attention? Let us know @NoodleLive. When we’re not busy making out own apps for events, we’re always on the lookout for cool new apps and interesting tech innovations.

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