Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Neat Noodle Guide to Native vs Web Apps

What exactly is a native app, what is a web app and what on earth is a hybrid app? Most importantly, what’s the difference? If these terms have been whooshing over your head, this handy mini-guide should help to make … Read More

Five Productivity and Project Management Tools No Event Organiser Should Be Without

  Oh, the life of an event organiser! You’re responsible for a billion different things, and half of those need attention right-now-this-minute. Staying focussed and keeping on track requires boundless energy, superhuman organisational skills and a day with substantially more … Read More

New Features For Noodle Live

We’re continuing on our mission to facilitate deep, valuable experiences at conferences and events with the launch of two new features for Noodle Live. In addition to all of the RFID awesomeness you’ve come to expect from our market-leading event … Read More