Spotlight on Sustainable Events Suppliers


In today’s fast-paced world, the environmental impact of every business decision matters more than ever. For Noodle Live, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a guiding principle. By embracing local partnerships and suppliers, Noodle Live is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also setting a new standard for eco-conscious event delivery. 

This blog is written by Hristina Kostadinova, Noodle Live Head of Operations.



Event management inherently involves various activities that contribute to carbon emissions. From sourcing materials to transportation and onsite operations, every aspect of organizing an event has an environmental impact. Recognizing this challenge, Noodle Live is committed to finding sustainable solutions at every stage of the event planning and execution. Our journey towards sustainability is fuelled by the belief that local partnerships hold the key to reducing carbon emissions.


Environmentally friendly event materials

 We are working with multiple partners across the globe to ensure the event consumables (badges, lanyards, wristbands) we offer to clients are not only produced locally but also from eco-friendly materials. We aim to ensure that all parties in our supply chain have implemented sustainable practices and share our passion for making a positive change in the event industry.


ID & C for sustainable event consumables

Let’s shine a light on our UK supplier for event consumables, ID&C. They are continually working to find greener solutions to their current processes and products, and thanks to our partnership, we can offer a range of eco-friendly options for all types of event consumables.

All event badges are produced and printed on local CO2 neutral printers. When it comes to the materials used, a wide variety of sustainable options are available such as paper, bamboo and recycled PET. Being one of the most popular environmentally friendly materials, rPET has a significant positive impact on the manufacturing process – no additional chemicals are used, 59% less energy is consumed, which results in 32% less CO2 emissions. In addition, 1kg of rPET can keep 60 water bottles from reaching landfill when recycled correctly.

When it comes to the transportation of the locally produced consumables, ID&C have gone carbon neutral with their shipping. They have mitigated over 124,16 metric tons of CO2 emissions already.

ID&C is also actively working on pulling event waste into the recycling stream for their products. All recycled event consumables are turned into new event products or housing insulation. They are also part of the “Make it Wild” project offering tree and other dedications and nature connected activities.



At Noodle, we believe that by working in partnership with the right suppliers, we can not only amplify the positive environmental impact of our company, but also shine a spotlight on companies who share our sustainable principles and take action to create impactful products and services.

Watch this space for more case studies coming from our suppliers and wider value chain as we start to work to drive real carbon reductions and to provide sustainable event solutions for our clients in the coming year.

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