The Art of Humanising Events


Creating meaningful human connections in events

Event planners are increasingly paying attention to the balance between event tech and event experience in in humanising events.



After years of online and hybrid events over the pandemic years, event planners are now looking to create immersive, memorable event experiences for in person attendees. This involves a balance between having the right event tech to create a seamless flow between event registration, badging, session scanning and lead generation, whilst creating nurturing spaces where true human connections can occur.


Creating spaces to connect

Humans thrive on connection. Particularly when gathering in likeminded groups to engage in topics they are truly interested in. And this is where events play an important role in attendees’ engagement, perception of value and even self-development.

Successful event planners and event agencies know that by creating inviting spaces where attendees feel relaxed and present, meaningful connections can occur which ultimately strengthen industry networks and lead generation opportunities. Of course, all of this is gold dust to helping demonstrate the ROI of an event.


Meaningful connections last

If like us at Noodle you spend any time on social media following the latest event trends, then you will know that there is a rising conversation right now between event professionals talking about how we create meaningful and lasting connections between attendees.

Ultimately, when you connect with the right people in the right space, magic happens. And by magic, we mean innovation, opportunity, and successful partnerships.

Having attended Event Tech Live last November, we have found that the connections we made at this one event have gone on to develop into opportunities to deliver exceptional events in increasingly sustainable ways. For us, we are interested in building long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and these kinds of industry events facilitate this.


The art of humanising events

So how do we create human-centric events?

By understanding how human beings are hardwired to connect with each other when the environment is right.

Event planners are starting to become ever more innovative in harnessing event tech, immersive experiences, and personalisation to ensure that attendees feel supported to make truly meaningful and lasting connections.

And event tech companies like Noodle have a vital role to play in helping to nurture these experiences by providing the software and data platforms to facilitate attendee connection.



In a world that feels increasingly separated and frenetic, finding moments of focus and connection with other real human beings will become more and more important. At Noodle we are proud to play our role in helping events to become more human. Connect with us and find out how we are doing this!

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