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Noodle Live Launch the First Ever NFC-Enabled Event App

Yep! It’s here…the NFC enabled event app has arrived. Android phones have offered NFC capability for a while, but it’s taken a while for the iPhone to follow suit. Earlier this year, Apple finally announced that NFC capability on the … Read More

The #EventTechGames in Gifs

Some stories are best told through the medium of gifs. Think you’ve seen competitive? You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen London’s event tech providers battle it out at the #EventTechGames. This year, Noodle Live and Glisser laid down the … Read More

Event Tech Inspiration for Your Next Event

Need a little event tech inspiration? Tech innovation is moving at lightning pace in 2017 and #EventProfs have a rapidly increasing range of potential products at their disposal to help them create memorable and unique events. From AI and VR … Read More

Supercharge your event marketing with #eventtech

Overwhelmed by the challenges of marketing your event and not sure where to start? You’re not alone. Trying to put together a great marketing plan can be daunting. But here’s what you need to know: your event tech can actually … Read More

Are #EventProfs prepared for GDPR?

During the BNC Event Show, Noodle Live’s Chief Technical Officer, Glyn Roberts, was invited to take part in a panel discussion about GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation comes in to force on 25th May 2018 and will impact anyone … Read More

#EventProfs Chat: Top Event Industry Headlines (June 2017)

Do you follow the #EventProfs hashtag on Twitter? It’s a great way to stay connected with all of the news and discussion going on in the event industry, but it’s also bloomin’ exhausting trying to stay up to date. The … Read More

The Best of the Internet of Things

Everyone’s talking about the internet of things. Well, we are anyway – and that’s the main thing. To follow up from our blog about the ways IoT could impact the events industry and event tech providers, we thought we would take … Read More

July Networking Events for Event Professionals

No one likes May. June was Ok. July will be great! There are plenty of opportunities to get out and about this month at these fantastic events for event professionals. Have we missed something? Let us know @NoodleLive. EventPlannersTalk (July 3, … Read More

What #EventProfs Need to Know About WWDC

Confused by all this talk about Apple’s worldwide developer conference (WWDC)? Yep, for non-geeks and people who don’t enjoy spending their evenings reading coding magazines, WWDC can be a little techy. Don’t panic, Team Noodle are full-time geeks (we make … Read More

Event Tech of the Month: Robots

Forget VR, 3D printing and drones, 2017 will be the year of robots for events. Robots have been creating unexpected waves in the world of event tech. Robots? Like C3PO and Mega Man? Not quite, but almost. Hollywood have been … Read More