5 Things You Missed at the 2018 Winter BNC Event Show


Prone to FOMO? Yep, we know the feeling. That’s exactly how we ended up on the roof at Selfridges at 3 in the morning that one time – but that’s another story.

If you missed out on this year’s winter BNC show at the Brewery London on February 14th, you missed some great insight into the latest venues, entertainment and event technology trends. Gutted? Don’t be. Team Noodle were there providing RFID name badges for the exhibitors and we’ve compiled a list of all the best event industry insights we heard during the day.

Ta-da, FOMO solved (although you did miss out on some pretty delicious chocolate and orange mousse – just saying).

  1. 3D Holographs are a Reality (And Theyre Awesome)

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Team Noodle were lucky enough to have their stand just next to AzteQ, who were showcasing some of the coolest new tech of the year. Hypervsn is a live 3D holograph image that can animate any logo or image and turn it into a mind-blowing live hologram and animates and spins infront of your eyes. Pretty cool – and judging by the crowds around the stand, a bit of an attention-grabber too.

  1. Top Tip for Becoming Head of Events

One of our favourite sessions of the day came from a panel of Heads of Events who offered some advice and tips for progressing your career in the tough world of events.

Kara Dougall from Contagious had some top tips for growing your career. “When I decided this was the career I wanted to be in, I just went for it. I worked on my confidence and I went out and networked. My top advice is to be confident. Get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to push yourself forward when you want to progress. Identify areas where you want to develop and don’t be afraid to have that conversation with your boss. Talk to them about the ways you want to grow your role. Be active in your own progression and to a certain extent, create your own role. Think about what you would want to do as Head of Events. What would that role look like for you?”

Vincent Elias from S&P Global had some great advice on managing a team. “People often say that if you want something done properly, you should do it yourself. If you run a team, you can’t do that. If you do everything for people you will be overwhelmed that they won’t grow either. When you help the people around you grow, you will grow yourself. Surround yourself with people who are good at their job and then trust them to do that job. Create an environment where people can do they best job they can. When I hire people, one of the key skills I look for is people who can think on their feet and use their initiative. I like to get my staff to do things outside of their comfort zone to help people to learn. They will never get there unless you give them opportunities to learn.”

Lean Carter from AMBA spoke about increasing your skills to make sure you progress. “Seize opportunities wherever they appear. If there aren’t any opportunities, make them. When it comes to training, think outside of your remit. If you want to broaden your role, learn more about the areas that interest you, like sales, strategy, budget or marketing. In terms of additional qualifications, look at the skill sets you’re lacking and look at the training you need in that area. Try to be an all-rounder.”

Emma Hatt from The Hurlingham Club spoke about the qualities she looks for in new hires. “When I hire, I look for people who have done extra-curricular activities and who have sought out experience and taken on volunteer roles or work experience. I want to see a real passion for events and a proven thirst to learn.”

Phew. With all that advice we’re all set to take over the world.

  1. Event Management is the 5th Most Stressful Career

Yep. Give yourself a massive pat on the back, because event managers are some of the toughest people in the job market today. You work long hours, constantly respond to instant changes of plan and spend your life making sure little problems don’t become big problems. Sound familiar? Wellness Expert Laila Datoo took to the stage to offer busy #EventProfs some tips for staying healthy and well despite all the pressures of the job. Top tip? Make time for yourself and know your own limits. Mark out clear down-time and don’t be afraid to switch off for a while. Once you switch back on, you’ll be much more productive and more likely to stay healthy and well too.

  1. November Was the Busiest Month of the Year for Meetings in 2017

According to a seminar by Paul Hussey from Conference Doctor, November 21st was actually the biggest spending day of the year for #EventProfs in 2017. Over £300million was spent across 200,000 meetings in 2017 and November was the month when the largest amount of money was spent. And the most popular day of the week for meetings? Believe it or not, it’s a Tuesday. Goodness, we love a good bit of data!

  1. You Can Go to the Beach in February – in Central London



The awesome folks at Boo Productions transformed a corner of the Brewery Venue into a slice of tropical heaven, with beach huts and Moroccan inspired doorways galore. In the bar area, we were transported to Narnia where we met a very friendly Mr Tumnus, which is essentially a dream come true. Ah, the magic of good event production!

At Noodle Live, we love the BNC Event Show. Well be back in July for the summer instalment. In the meantime, if youd like to learn more about great event technology trends or how to use our RFID name badges at your next event, feel free to give our event technology consultants a call anytime. Theyre a friendly bunch.

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