Monthly Archives: October 2017

Noodle Live Launch the First Ever NFC-Enabled Event App

Yep! It’s here…the NFC enabled event app has arrived. Android phones have offered NFC capability for a while, but it’s taken a while for the iPhone to follow suit. Earlier this year, Apple finally announced that NFC capability on the … Read More

The Event Tech Showdown: iBeacons vs Barcode Scanners vs RFID and NFC

iBeacons, barcode scanners, NFC, RFID – how is anyone supposed to decide on what event tech is best for their event? The world of event tech seems to be constantly evolving and changing, so how do #EventProfs pick the right … Read More

Using Event Tech to Measure Event ROI

Need to demonstrate event ROI? Did you know that your event tech could help you to measure the success of your event and demonstrate return on investment? If you immediately think of hardware like drones and VR headsets when you … Read More

November Event Industry Events

Hands up who wants to get out and about and meet some other cool #EventProfs? We do! The team at Noodle Live don’t spend their whole time making event apps. When we get some down time we also like to … Read More

Ask The Experts: Event Tech Question Time Wrap Up

Missed our first ever live event tech webinar? Didn’t get a chance to submit your burning questions during #EventTechQuestionTime? Need more information about event technology trends? Worry not! There’s tonnes of new technology in the event industry at the moment. … Read More