Monthly Archives: April 2016

The 10 Commandments of Event Technology

When-so-ever you should choose to take your event to the maximus potential using the sacred powers of so-called ‘awesome event tech’, it is of grand importance that thou shalt always follow the 10 commandments of event technology. Or, you know, … Read More

Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet March 2016

Oh, the good old glory days of last month! Remember those days of innocence when Boaty McBoatface was still funny? Ahh. Memories. Here’s how we totally distracted ourselves from bespoke event app building this month. Gif Lovers Unite Love a … Read More

5 Ways to Boost Exhibitor Lead Capture

Taking part in an exhibition or conference with exhibition space? For most exhibitors, one of the biggest priorities is capturing new leads. Exhibitions are the perfect place to connect with potential clients and gather their contact details for future marketing … Read More