Monthly Archives: September 2015

How Can Event Tech Boost Your Business?

As a leading event app provider, Noodle understands that the term ‘event technology’ can sound a little scary. To make things worse, there’s a whole lot of jargon that goes with the territory. But it’s not brain surgery. We can … Read More

Events for Event Professionals

Here’s a meta-concept for you: event industry events. Everyone needs a day off once in a while, and what better way for a hard working #EventProf to let their hair down than to be the guest at someone else’s meetup? … Read More

What Does The Apple Launch Mean for #EventProfs and Event Apps?

On 9 September Apple held one of their most anticipated tech launches ever. Apple fanatics around the world were holding their breath and queues started appearing outside Apple shops before CEO Tim Cook had even stepped on stage. Not an … Read More