Monthly Archives: November 2015

App of the Month: Auditory Events App ‘Recho’

Ever wondered about the interesting stories and events that have unfolded in the locations you pass through every day? To be honest, neither had we. We were too busy making events app and thinking of new Hotline Bling memes. And … Read More

Noodle Live’s Best of the Internet October 2015

Oh internet, you’re not like anyone we’ve ever met before. Fancy a Netflix and chill? This October, Team Noodle had another busy month designing mobile event apps and launching our exhibitor lead capture device, but we still found time for … Read More

November Event Industry Events

Event professionals unite – it’s time for you to start having some fun for once. Why shouldn’t there be such a thing as events for eventprofs? Well guess what, there is! Here’s our November guide to great social and networking … Read More