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Top Headlines for #EventProfs from September 2017

Who has time to plan great events, drink two litres of water a day, keep up with social media, eat healthy, go to the gym, attend networking events for #EventProfs, meditate, research alternatives to name badges for events (talk to … Read More

10 New Ideas For Using Event Apps

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to apps for events? Think again #EventProfs, because the world of event apps is changing – rapidly. Smartphones are getting smarter and it feels like we’re receiving exciting new tech announcements every … Read More

GDPR Made Simple

Good gracious, GDPR is coming up quickly. We’ve even had to take a pause from created RFID name badges to pay attention and get ourselves up to speed. The General Data Protection Regulations come in to force on May 25th … Read More

10 Cool Things We’ve Done with RFID for Events

RFID! We can’t get enough of it at Noodle Live. We love ourselves a bit of radio frequency identification (yes, we know we are geeks). Despite soundingsuper techy, RFID is actually pretty simple and the chances are, you’re already using … Read More

October Networking Events & Conferences for #EventProfs

At Noodle Live, when we’re not making great event tech for events, we like having ALL the fun, particularly if we get to hang out with other cool #EventProfs and do some great networking at the same time. So, as … Read More