Monthly Archives: May 2018

May’s Biggest Tech Headlines for #EventProfs

May is one of our favourite months, not just because we get to celebrate May the 4th, but also because in the month before the Apple WWDC, tech announcements and innovations tend to speed up, giving Geeks like us a … Read More

London’s 9 Most Unusual Event Venues

Looking for an unusual London event venue? Isn’t everyone? As #EventProfs, it can be difficult to come up with something new and unknown, but the great news is that the capital is bursting with brand new additions and hidden gems … Read More

June Networking Events for #EventProfs

Ok, so you’re calendar is stacked and you’re feeling the pressure of the summer events season. But whatever happened to me time? When do we get to be the guest for once and enjoy the other side of the registration … Read More

#EventTechQuestionTime Wrap Up: Your Data Questions Answered!

The pot plants are back! Missed the latest edition of event tech question time on event industry data? Didn’t get your data questions in on time to be answered by our expert Noodlers? Never mind, because we’ve only gone and … Read More