Monthly Archives: February 2017

5 Cool Things We Saw at the BNC Event Show

Team Noodle love getting out and about and meeting other #EventProfs from around the industry. That’s why we loved The BNC Event Show in February. Not only did we get to show off our super fast registration process and RFID-powered event … Read More

March Networking Events for #EventProfs

Spring is here and things are warming up. Well, sort of. March is a busy time in the world of events which means there are loads of brilliant opportunities to get out and about and do some networking and skills … Read More

8 Best Tech Headlines of 2017 So Far…

It may only be February, but the world of tech waits for no man. Not only have we already seen some exciting announcements coming out of CES 2017, there have also been some great tech reveals from around the world … Read More

10 Things You Never Knew About RFID

Think you know RFID? Or maybe you think you don’t know RFID at all. That would be fair enough (it’s pretty techy and geeky). RFID = radio frequency identification. The tiny tech that powers your Oyster card, tracks runners times … Read More